How to Replace Your Broken Dryer Buzzer

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Dryer buzzers are, traditionally, one of the loudest sounds a household appliance will ever make. However, there are many families and solo professionals who rely on that buzzer to keep laundry moving efficiently. When the buzzer goes off, you know it’s time to move everything forward and fold in front of the television for a few minutes during your brief … Read More

How to Repair or Replace Your Dryer Vent Duct

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There are few things more alarming than when your dryer suddenly decides that warm fluffy clothing is optional. For someone who is accustomed to warm towels straight out of the dryer and soft wrinkle-free clothing, the loss of dryer functionality can be devastating. You might be worried that whatever is wrong with your dryer is deep in there relating to … Read More

Does a Range Cord Work on a Dryer?

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It’s easier to begin by answering that question with a look at how the two cords are the same. Both appliances require a 220/240-volt circuit. That’s really the extent of a range and dryer cord’s similarities. They should not be interchanged, with one exception, which we’ll get to in a minute. A basic understanding of the meaning of both volts … Read More