Send Your New Hire to Appliance Repair School

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Sometimes it can be hard to find an employee with the right combination of ambition, enthusiasm, personality and experience. If you have a new hire who is smart, personable and hardworking, but who just needs to learn a lot in a short time so they can get started, our Appliance Repair School might be the perfect solution. Our comprehensive three week program … Read More

Fire Safety and Appliance Repair: 3 Tips to Appliance Safety

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Professional appliance repair doesn’t just keep your appliances running correctly. When an appliance begins acting up, it isn’t just a matter of convenience. In many cases, it can also be a matter of home safety. Faulty appliances cause thousands of home fires each year. Some faulty appliances might not cause any problems, but there are times when it can put you and … Read More

What to Expect When You Call for Appliance Repair

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So you pretty much know how it works when you take the car in for an oil change or service. You dial up your favorite mechanic and the two of you put your heads together and come up with a date you can drive over, check-in, hand over the keys to wait in a roomful of stale coffee and out-of-date … Read More