Refrigerator Appliance Repair: How To Fix A Refrigerator Door Gasket

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Leaky refrigerator door gaskets are a common problem that will raise your energy bills and make your food spoil faster. A professional repair service can replace your gaskets or you may want to try this refrigerator appliance repair yourself if you feel handy. The gasket is the rubber seal on the refrigerator door. Over time it becomes more brittle and can start … Read More

Tips to help keep your dishwasher appliance repair to a minimum

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We load our dishwashers, close its door and let the water flow in; remarkable how this appliance does all of its work behind a tightly sealed door with plumbing fittings perfectly set. But even this highly reliable household appliance needs to be checked over a couple of times a year to make sure all is working well underneath the sink and to … Read More

Appliance Repair Training: Your New Career Is Waiting

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Are you unhappy in your current job?  Would you love a career that challenges you on a daily basis?  Are you looking to acquire a trade that will benefit you regardless of where you live?  If that sounds like you, Fred’s Appliance offers appliance repair training that will help you get started in a career that you’ll love.  If you’ve always been … Read More