How Attending an Appliance Repair School Can Help Prepare You For Your Ideal Career

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April 22, 2014

If you’re interested in a career in appliance repair, but you’re unsure of how to break into the industry, you should consider attending an appliance repair school. Immersing yourself in a hands-on program before entering the workforce will properly prepare you for the many challenges you will face while on the job. At Fred’s Appliance Academy, we offer our students an extensive learning experience that stretches across a variety of repair topics. Our Curriculum not only focuses on the technical side of repair, but it also delves into the customer service aspect of the job.

With a mixture of in-class instruction and hands-on training, you will learn how to troubleshoot and fix a variety of appliances during our 3 week program. While building and fine tuning your repair skills is the main focus of our school, we also understand the importance of cultivating your computer know-how. As an appliance repairman, you’ll need a solid understanding of where to look online when you’re seeking further technical knowledge, and when you’re looking for a specific part for a repair job.

No matter how well versed you are when it comes to fixing appliances, if you lack proper customer service skills, you’ll have a hard time maintaining a job. That’s why we also choose to focus our lessons on how to correctly deal with a customer. It’s important to remember that a happy customer equals a returning customer.

At the end of the 3 week training program, you will take an exam that if passed will grant you a NASTeC certification. Having the certification under your belt will help you during your job search. It will prove to your potential employers that you have the ability to fix a variety of appliances and that you have a solid understanding of the appliance repair industry.

To find our current class listing dates and whether there our open spots, please contact us today.

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