Dryer Appliance Repair – A Better Solution

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dryer appliance repair

Some people have never purchased a new dryer.  There was a man who purchased his first dryer for five dollars.  The seller believed it to be beyond repair, so they purchased a new one and were looking for someone to haul this one away.  Sites like Craigslist are full of these dryers. The man sold that dryer to a friend fifteen years later.  You read … Read More

Professional Dryer Appliance Repair

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When your dryer quits working, the best thing to do is call a dryer appliance repair professional. There are numerous reasons why a dryer would quit working, and only a professional can handle the situation correctly, and get your dryer up and running again. One of the most common problems with a dryer is the belt breaking. 2 Signs That Your Belt … Read More

Get Your Laundry Room Ready for Optimal Cleaning with Appliance Service


Although it depends on a number of variables, most families go through numerous loads of laundry per week, which makes both the washer and dryer pretty heavily used appliances. It is important to keep these maintained for optimal washing and drying, which leads to clean clothing, and this usually involves professional appliance service for repairs, replacement, or maintenance. Take Care of … Read More

Optimize Dryer Usage to Minimize the Need for Dryer Appliance Repair


Although appliances such as washers and dryers can last for a decade or longer with ease, the more these appliances are used, the more they need to be repaired along the way. Optimizing your dryer usage will help you avoid needing dryer appliance repair as often, which helps you save time and money. Wash the Filter when Using Dryer Sheets While … Read More