Appliance Repair Training: Your New Career Is Waiting

Fred's Appliance
January 23, 2013

Are you unhappy in your current job?  Would you love a career that challenges you on a daily basis?  Are you looking to acquire a trade that will benefit you regardless of where you live?  If that sounds like you, Fred’s Appliance offers appliance repair training that will help you get started in a career that you’ll love.  If you’ve always been interested in fixing appliances around your home, or if you simply think you’d like to try something new, appliance repair is a growing occupation that will provide you with multiple job opportunities.

At Fred’s Appliance, our appliance repair training program is a hands-on technical program that will give you all the tools and expertise you’ll need to jump start your new career.  Have you always wanted to work for yourself?  Appliance repair is a great business to start if you’ve had a dream of owning your own company.

When you attend our appliance repair school, you’ll get more than just technical knowledge.  While learning how to repair multiple appliances is imperative for this type of work, it’s also important to understand good customer service skills.  You’ll learn how to handle everything from customer complaints to basic communication skills.  You’ll also receive an incredible amount of computer training.  You’ll be able to easily access the Internet and find what you need once you’ve completed our program.

Life is too short to keep working in a job you don’t like.  If you’re ready to make a change in your life and you think appliance repair training might be the career you’ve been looking for, we’d love to talk to you.  We’ll give you the information you need to decide if Fred’s Appliance Academy is the right fit for you.

For more information about our appliance repair training program, contact us today!

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