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November 6, 2014

Developing one’s natural talents to use in the career field is the natural progression that we are all striving for in life. Some wish to work in the medical profession, others prefer manufacturing or business. Some would like to work with tools and help better the lives of others. Those in that last group may want to consider appliance repair training.

Government Standards And Accountability

The government sets certain standards through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for those who wish to those who wish to work with refrigerants. explains this in greater detail here:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires a certification in refrigerants for those working with refrigerators or auto air conditioners. This calls for passing a series of tests. Other voluntary certifications are available for appliance repairers.

The government requires such training to ensure that all who work in this vital industry are equipped with the skills required of them to do their job well.

What To Expect From The Training

Those wishing to do appliance repair training need to set aside between nine and twelve months of their life in order to complete the program. Most of the programs will require some in the classroom instruction as well as laboratory training that may be conducted at a different site.

Students will be expected to be able to troubleshoot problems with most major appliances following the training that they receive. They will also need to demonstrate those abilities and be evaluated on their performance. Certification of these abilities will be awarded through the EPA upon demonstration of all required skills and knowledge.

Expected Salaries

The amount that one makes by working on appliances can vary greatly. Factors that impact salary include the area that one lives in, the company one works for (or freelance work done by oneself), and the demand for the services. How many things one is qualified to work on can impact salary as well. Those who work on installation, maintenance, and repair for example can expect an average salary of a little over forty thousand dollars per year. Those who do not have as qualified of positions may expect less. However all positions can be potentially lucrative.

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