How to Replace Your Dryer’s Steam Nozzle

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October 26, 2017
Dryer Repair

Many dryers are now coming equipped with a steam function that helps keep loads wrinkle free and reduces the energy cost of the de-wrinkling cycle. But if you notice that your steam function doesn’t work or your dryer has an error message regarding the steam cycle, there are two main culprits. One might be the water inlet system: either the valve is broken, or there are bends in the water supply tube that prevent the water from passing through. The second common cause for steam malfunction is a broken steam nozzle inside the dryer. Replacing the steam nozzle is just a matter of order the replacement part, which is #WPW10277503 for Whirlpool Alpha models, and screwing it into place. Here’s how:

  1. Open the front door of the dryer. This step does not necessarily require you to unplug the appliance, but doing so is the first general step in all safe appliance repair.
  2. Unscrew the defective steam nozzle from the rear bulkhead. The bulkhead is in the back of the dryer’s tub, and the steam nozzle is visible in the middle of the bulkhead.
  3. Install the new steam nozzle by inserting it into the rear bulkhead. Tighten by hand and then with a socket wrench. Be sure to monitor the next steam cycle to ensure that steam is issuing from the nozzle.

Replacing your dryer’s steam nozzle is one of the few repairs that can take place without removing panels. If you want to try a few more complex repairs, go to Fred’s Appliance Service for more step-by-step guides and specific parts.

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