How To Cook Corn on The Cob In The Microwave

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January 9, 2023
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You have a few ways of cooking corn on the cob, but using the microwave has to be the easiest and most delicious. Our method will yield perfectly cooked, tender corn, with no mess and very little effort. Read on to find out how. 

Why use the microwave?

You have plenty of reasons to use a microwave to make your corn on the cob. Here are a few of them. 

It’s quick

If you use the microwave, you can have perfectly cooked corn on the cob seasoned and on the table in five minutes or less. No other method can compare in terms of speed. 

It’s easy

No need to boil water, light up the grill, or turn on the oven. Using the microwave to make your corn on the cob has to be the easiest method of all.

It helps the corn retain moisture

Because the corn is cooked in its husk, the corn kernels retain their moisture and stay juicy and sweet. 

It improves the flavor

When cooked in this manner, the corn steams in its own juices and absorbs flavor from the husks, resulting in a delicious, undiluted corn flavor.

It doesn’t make a mess

Because the microwave method means that you don’t need to remove the husk or the silk until after the corn is cooked, it makes far less mess. Because the silk gets steamed in the cooking process, it peels off easily in one piece and doesn’t get everywhere like it can if you use a method that requires you to peel your cob before cooking. 

It’s a great option in hot weather

Corn is one of the foods most associated with the height of summer, and what’s something that none of us want to do in the summer? Be stuck in a hot kitchen. Using this method means you don’t have to stand over a hot stove or grill, which is always a plus during a heatwave.

Selecting your corn

Any corn on the cob is fine, but you need to make sure you’re buying corn that still has its husk, not corn that’s been shucked. You also need to make sure that the cob is fully covered by the husk. If part of the kernels are sticking out, they could end up being dry after cooking.

Cooking your corn

  • Place the corn in the microwave, either on a microwave safe plate or bowl or directly on the glass turntable. 
  • With the microwave set on high, cook the corn for four minutes for a single cob, adding two minutes for each additional cob (so two cobs would need to cook for six minutes total, three cobs for eight minutes, etc.)
  • Once the microwave is finished, leave the corn to sit for a couple of minutes until it has cooled slightly or else it will be too hot to handle. 

Remember: Microwave wattage varies hugely depending on the model, so these cooking times are just a general guide. You’ll figure out which is the right cooking time for your microwave through trial and error. 

If you want to be sure, try cooking your corn for two minutes per cob to begin with, then testing the doneness. You can do this by peeling back a section of the husk and piercing the kernels with a sharp knife – if the knife slides in easily, your corn on the cob is ready. If the kernels are still hard, simply fold the husk back over the cob and pop it back in the microwave for a further two minutes. 

Peeling your corn

Once your corn has cooled enough to handle, it’s time to peel your cobs! You have a couple of ways to do this. You can simply peel the husk back from the tip, or you can cut the corn at the stalk end and remove all of the husk and silk in one piece along with the small piece of stem. 

You should find that the corn silk comes away easily with the husk as it’s been lightly steamed. If you find any remaining pieces of corn silk clinging to your ear of corn once you’ve removed the husk, then remove these with your fingers.  

Seasoning your corn

Once you’ve cooked and shucked your corn cob, it’s time to season it! If you’re planning to slice the kernels off of the cob to add to a salad or something similar, then you should find that they slice off easily as they’re so tender after being cooked using the microwave method. If you plan on eating the corn off the cob, read on for some seasoning ideas:

  • Plain butter with salt and pepper – This is a classic for a reason. It really allows the flavor of the corn to shine through and is as easy as it is delicious. 
  • Garlic parmesan butter – Blend some butter with finely minced garlic and grated parmesan before spreading it on your corn for a delicious alternative to plain butter.
  • Honey and chili butter – Mix your butter with honey and chili powder for a sweet and spicy delicious treat. 
  • Mayonnaise and other toppings – Instead of spreading butter on your corn cob, try slathering it with mayonnaise before adding other toppings such as grated cheese and chili powder for a delicious, Mexican style dish. 

Once your corn is cooked, peeled and seasoned, all you have left to do is eat it. Enjoy!

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