How to Repair a Cracked Refrigerator Shelf

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The shelves and drawers in your refrigerator are essential to fridge organization. The shelves define how tall your bottles can be, how high your food can stack, and how much you can store overall. Each of us has our own preferences for fridge shelf heights and configuration. But one thing is sure: you need the shelves in your fridge. So … Read More

How to Remove the Lid Switch from Your Top-Load Washer

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Your washing machine lid switch plays an important role in the clothes washing process. The lid switch and lock assembly does two things. First, it detects whether your lid is safely closed so that water can be thrown around inside to wash the clothes. Second, it keeps the lid closed during the wash cycle to prevent messes and accidents. When … Read More

Whirlpool Appliances – New Setup and Where to Find the Model and Serial Number

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Buying a new appliance is exciting! You can’t wait to relegate that old fridge to the garage or that washer/dryer combo to the curb. You are looking forward to getting that new unit home and up and running. Many appliance stores offer delivery and set up for a small fee.  However, if you are of the DIY persuasion and plan to do the … Read More