Events to Make You Brave the Cold This February

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February is cold, and it’s easy to get trapped inside your house, eating popcorn, drinking coffee, and watching Netflix. While there’s nothing wrong with a Netflix binge, you should definitely get out and explore the city a little too. Below, you’ll find a list of exciting, and extremely fun events happening in Cleveland this February that will attempt to lure … Read More

How to Replace Your Oven Door Switch

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The oven door switch is a little feature that most of us never think about. After all, having the oven door open isn’t a big deal except for letting some heat escape. Some people open their ovens during cooking all the time and if you do need the oven to stay closed, you’ve got the lever-shaped door lock. The oven … Read More

How to Replace Your Broken Dryer Buzzer

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Dryer buzzers are, traditionally, one of the loudest sounds a household appliance will ever make. However, there are many families and solo professionals who rely on that buzzer to keep laundry moving efficiently. When the buzzer goes off, you know it’s time to move everything forward and fold in front of the television for a few minutes during your brief … Read More