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How to Replace an Electric Oven’s Heating Element

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An electric oven heating element is a component that converts electrical energy into heat. It’s typically made of a metal alloy, such as nickel–chromium or iron–chromium–aluminum, and is designed to resist the flow of electrical current, which causes it to heat up. Electric oven heating elements are located either at the bottom or the top of the oven, and are …

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How to Clean a Microwave: 5 Easy Methods

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Cleaning your microwave is an important, and often neglected task. However, it shouldn’t be. Over time, food particles, spills, and splatters accumulate inside your microwave, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Regularly cleaning your microwave helps maintain a hygienic environment in your kitchen. Cleaning your microwave also ensures it’s working as efficiently as possible.  Signs your microwave needs …