Troubleshooting Common Dryer Problems

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It’s always frustrating to throw a load of wet clothes in the dryer, then discover that your dryer isn’t working. Whether it won’t start, it won’t produce heat, or it won’t spin, you want to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Here are several common problems you may face with your dryer. Always unplug your dryer before … Read More

Should You Replace or Repair Your Broken Microwave?

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The microwave is a miracle appliance in the modern kitchen. For several decades now, microwaves have been making cooking tasks faster and easier. Even for dedicated home chefs, the microwave can boil water, defrost, and liquefy ingredients with far greater efficiency than purely stovetop cooking. But the microwave is also one of the most difficult and even dangerous appliances to … Read More

How Does a Refrigerator Keep Food Cold?

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In today’s world is it possible to live without a refrigerator? Sure, if you share an island with the Emperor Penguins in Antarctica or live with the Eskimo’s in Alaska. While it is possible to live without a refrigerator, for most people, it is undesirable. Of course, refrigerator repair would be a thing in the past, but is it possible to keep … Read More