How to Replace the Touchpad on a Kenmore or Whirlpool Dishwasher 6651359K600

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If the buttons on your dishwasher aren’t working, or only some of them are lighting up, it’s time for a new button touchpad. For Kenmore and Whirlpool models, order the replacement part 8573671 for model 6651359K600 and follow these steps to install the new touchpad.

  1. Disconnect the power to the dishwasher and turn off the water.
  2. Remove the door panel. Unscrew the panel from the door’s interior and pull the interior panel free.
  3. Open the control panel box. Pop the cover free and set it to the side. Then take the soap dispenser actuator, the main control board, and the door switch out of the control panel (without disconnecting them) and lay them to the side so you can pull the touchpad out. The wiring and controls are all contained within a smaller box in the control panel area, so you will just unscrew the box and flip it forward to free the touchpad.
  4. Remove the touchpad panel from the bottom, or the exterior side of the door, and then snap the replacement touchpad into place from the outside in. Small tabs along the edge will click into place.
  5. Reinstall the control panel. Carefully re-screw the inner box into place while making sure the ribbon is free and without kinks. Also, plug the touchpad into the board. Then snap the control panel’s cover back into place.
  6. Replace the interior door cover.

Once the water and power are turned back on, make sure all of the buttons are working properly. If you have other dishwasher repairs to make, go to Fred’s Appliance Service here.

How to Replace the Track Wheels on a Whirlpool Dishwasher Rack

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After a while, dishwasher racks can feel crooked or out of alignment. This is because the wheels can break and wear unevenly. If this is happening to your Whirlpool Dishwasher, order replacement wheels (part #8268655) and follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the power to the dishwasher by flipping the circuit breaker. Even though you’re not modifying any electrical components, removing the power connection makes the procedure safer.
  2. Pull the rack forward and remove the track stops. Each stop has a small tab along the inside of the track that you can depress with your finger so the end pulls free. Remove the track ends from both sides.
  3. Remove the rack entirely and replace the wheels. The wheels are hooked over the wire side of the rack, so you just need to pull the mechanism to the side and twist it free. Take your replacement wheels and snap it into place with the locking mechanism over the wire rack. While the rack is out, check the other three sets of wheels for damage or to so if they’re out of alignment.
  4. Reinstall the rack. Pull the tracks all the way forward and make sure the wheels are all on the tracks and roll smoothly. If there’s any friction, the wheels aren’t fully on the track and will soon wear out or catch on the sharp metal.
  5. Snap the track ends back into place. Sometimes the tabs can rip free so now is also a good time to check both this rack’s tabs and the remainder in your dishwasher.

Replacing the track ends and wheels on dishwashers racks is one of the easiest repair tasks for dishwashers, but they’re also common because of the constant wear and tear. For more dishwasher repair guides, go to Fred’s Appliance Service.

How to Replace the Push Button Switch on Your Bosch Dishwasher

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Even though most new models of dishwashers are turned on by inputting the cycle command and then pushing the door into a locked position, these models still have push button switches in the inside of the control panel. If your Bosch dishwasher won’t start, a broken push button switch may be at fault. Order a replacement part (#00424410) and fix it with the following procedure:

  1. Turn off the power via the circuit breaker. Always disconnect the power to appliances when you are cleaning or repairing them for your safety.
  2. Remove the outer door panel by unscrewing the panel from the inside, closing the door, and lifting the panel up and away from the outside.
  3. Pull the control panel away from the door. Do this by unscrewing the cover from the top interior of the door and then carefully pulling the panel free from the outside.
  4. Replace the switch. Disconnect the harness from the switch, and push the switch down to fully remove it. Lock the new switch back into position and reconnect the wiring.
  5. Reverse the steps to reassemble the door. Do this by pushing the control panel into place and screwing the interior control panel cover tight; then place the outer door panel back into position and screw the interior screws.

Anytime there is an electrical or function error in a dishwasher, the problem will most likely be in the control panel. Knowing how to disassemble different models to reach the panel, especially on dishwashers with custom doors, is one of the most common steps in appliance repair. For more dishwasher repair tips and procedures, go to Fred’s Appliance Service.