Local Shows to Check Out This January in Cleveland, Ohio

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The new year is upon us. It’s time for celebrations, resolutions, and entertainment. Start the new year right by exploring new interests or revisiting old ones. Ignite your passions about home projects, boats, and much more. Below, you’ll find a list of exciting shows you should check out in the Cleveland area this January. The Great Big Home and Garden … Read More

9 Must-Visit Spots for the Cleveland Foodie

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If there is one thing that Cleveland really takes pride in, it is the food. We love it. From interesting new fusions to the classic Eastern European staples that have been enduring in their polarity here. It is no wonder that the city¬†ranked 37th¬†out of 180 cities in WalletHub’s hunt for the best foodie cities in the nation in 2018 … Read More

How to Replace Your Oven Door Hinges

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Oven door hinges are an important and under-considered part of the oven assembly. They seem small and stubby to look at but are actually tall and powered with tension springs inside the oven door itself. If your oven is not closing properly because the hinges are bent or otherwise damaged, it is surprisingly easy to replace your oven door hinges … Read More