How to Maintain & Clean Your Top-Loading Washing Machine

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In a time when front-loading, HE washers are all the rage, there are still millions of American homes sporting a traditional top-loading washer. Maybe it was the cheapest thing on the sales floor, or maybe you got a high-end version of a faithful and reliable old design. Many top-load washers today are HE compatible and would work with HE detergent … Read More

How to Repair or Replace Your Dryer Vent Duct

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There are few things more alarming than when your dryer suddenly decides that warm fluffy clothing is optional. For someone who is accustomed to warm towels straight out of the dryer and soft wrinkle-free clothing, the loss of dryer functionality can be devastating. You might be worried that whatever is wrong with your dryer is deep in there relating to … Read More

Congrats to our technician, Corina, for great customer service in 2018!

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We are proud to award our appliance repair technician, Corina, for outstanding customer service in 2018.  These are based on surveys provided by our customers and she had the highest overall ranking based on data provided by Fluid Local.  We pride ourselves in providing the best customer experience and rewarding those that set the highest example.   Don’t just take … Read More