Congrats to Brian in 2016

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We at Fred’s Appliance are proud to announce that one of our technicians, Brian B., has ranked in the top of our company in Whirlpool customer feedback for 2016.   The criteria were based on overall performance, which includes a quick recognition of the repair issues and providing an excellent consumer experience.

Brian sets an example for all of us at Fred’s Appliance to shoot for.  Congrats, Brian!

Four Cleveland Local Events to Celebrate the Holiday Season

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Fred’s Appliance Service is proud to be based in Cleveland, and there’s no better time to live in this city than the holiday season. Cleveland lights up with holiday lights and warm, festive cheer. Get yourself in the spirit of the holidays by participating in one of these local events.

November 24 – December 23Country Lights 2017

Head just outside of Cleveland for a rural holiday experience full of country charm. View attractive holiday light displays from wagon rides, watch holiday model trains, and hang out with horses and farm animals.

Now through January 1Candy Land

In Kirkland, re-live your childhood in full color by playing this life-sized Candyland board game that incorporates nature. After going for the win, stop in the family activity center to participate in scavenger hunts, crafting, and to rent snowshoes.

November 24 – December 31Glow Light Show

Cleveland’s Botanical Gardens light up in colorful beauty most evenings throughout the holiday period. Along with decorated trees, spend time admiring the gingerbread houses, shop and listen to music at the holiday village, snap a family photo, and take a train ride through the gardens.

November 25: Winterfest

Kick off the December holidays with Public Square’s popular annual celebration. Stop by anytime during the day and partake in free carriage and horse rides, and don’t miss the tree lighting or fireworks show.

Do you need help repairing one of your appliances over the holiday season? Make sure you can wash that holiday sweater or cook a special meal by making Fred’s Appliance Service your trusted partner in appliance repair. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

How to Troubleshoot a Malfunctioning Touchpad on a Maytag Quiet Series Dishwasher

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There can be multiple reasons why a touchpad is no longer working. There might be too little power reaching the machine, a blown fuse or plug, or even a malfunctioning door latch. Before you start replacing the most likely parts, test your Maytag dishwasher to make sure you’ve identified the source of the problem.

How to Check the Power Supply

  1. Remove the bottom panel of the dishwasher underneath the door. This panel is usually secured by either Phillips screws or nut drivers. Unscrew the panels and pull them completely away.
  2. Check for power at the junction box with a voltmeter or multimeter tool. You can check for both overall power and the voltage to see if it’s at an appropriate level.

How to Check the Door Latch and Control Panel

  1. Unscrew the interior door panel. You will need to remove the screws from each edge of the panel to remove it. Once the panel is free, don’t split the two panels completely away: they will be connected by wiring you need to remove first.
  2. Disconnect the wiring to the dispenser and the wax motors.
  3. Test the door latch. Depress the tab with a screwdriver to see if the machine gets power. The tab should close the circuit so the dishwasher gets power.
  4. If you don’t get power to the machine, unscrew the door latch so you can check the microswitches and the connection to the control board. Once the door latch has been removed from the interior of the door, check the tabs and the box for moisture.
  5. Use a power wand to check for power at the control board. Test each switch for power; some control boards break in parts instead of as a whole.
  6. If every part individually has power, then the parts may have loose connections or a blown fuse. Check each plug for discoloration or signs of burning. If you find any electrical damage, the control panel’s control board (part #99003162) will need to be replaced.

The goal of troubleshooting is to find the source of the problem and replace and as few parts as possible. While some circumstances call for the door latch assembly to be replaced, or the control panel has a burned plug with discoloration, identifying which piece is broken is better than replacing both. Go to Fred’s Appliance Service for more troubleshooting and repair guides.

Proud to support Crossroads this holiday season

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Crossroads is here to help families in crisis, heartbroken, and hopeless. Their staff works tirelessly to create interventions that empower children and their families to have the best life possible. Fred’s Appliance service is proud to support this organization.  To learn more or to get involved, please visit

Crossroads will be the provider of choice for behavioral healthcare, setting the standards with innovative and evidence-based services.

Crossroads provides a continuum of quality life-changing behavioral health services for children, adolescents, young adults, and families, including specialized treatment for chemically dependent adolescents. Crossroads’ core values are Client-Centered ∘ Integrity ∘ Excellence ∘ Collaborative ∘ Diversity ∘ Tenacity.