Why Doesn’t My Electric Burner Work at All?

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There are a number of problems that may plague your electric cooktop over time. The burners could get too hot despite the control knob setting or could get not hot enough no matter how high you set it, but the problem you might expect to come someday is that the burners will no longer work at all. It is the … Read More

Repairing a Microwave that Won’t Turn On

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Whether we’re heating up a quick snack, warming a cup of coffee that’s gone cold, or reheating leftovers from our favorite restaurant, most of us use microwaves quite often. Microwaves get the job done quickly and save you both time and effort. So, naturally, it’s a hassle when they suddenly stop working without any warning to you. If your microwave … Read More

What Causes Continuous Clicking in a Gas Cooktop?

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Click, click, click – You expect to hear the sound for a few seconds when turning on the stove. However, you definitely don’t expect to hear it well after the burners are lit or even after you have shut them off. If there is a clicking sound filling your kitchen when the stove is supposed to be off, it is … Read More

10 Ways to Use Less Water for the Same Home Experience

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Water conservation is as useful to your household, the long-term maintenance of your appliances, and is eco-friendly to boot. By learning to use less water in your home on a daily basis, you can significantly cut the cost of your water bill and get better at taking care of your home and appliances at the same time. Of course, as … Read More