How to Replace a Frigidaire Refrigerator’s Door Hinge Bearing 240328203

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If a refrigerator door isn’t sealing all the way, the seal might be your first guess as to the culprit. But sometimes a broken hinge bearing can also be at fault. Ask the customer if the door also makes a popping sound is a more difficult to open than it used to be. If so, order a replacement hinge bearing (with a part number of 240328203 for Frigidaire models) and then:

1. Unplug the refrigerator.

While this repair does not involve any electrical components, disconnecting an appliance from its power source should be the first step in most repairs. This is especially vital if the door has any electrical components or switches.

2. Remove the top hinge assembly.

Start by removing the assembly cover. Unscrew the cover, then slide it forward and pull the cover away. Use a nut driver remove the two hinge screws and set them aside. At this point, the hinge can be lifted away freely.

3. Remove the door.

Brace the door by holding onto the handle. Then tilt the top corner away from the refrigerator and slightly lift the door to pull it free of the bottom hinge assembly. Pull the door away and set it down with the exterior laying flatly on the floor so you can access the bottom. You can lay down a rug or towel to protect the door from rough flooring.

4. Remove and replace the hinge bearing.

Pry the old bearing out with a flathead screwdriver. You can either put a bit of protective cloth between the screwdriver and the edge of the door so you can use the door for leverage without risking damage, or you can twist the flathead to pop the bearing free. Then insert the replacement part. It has a roughly triangular part that needs to line up with the similarly shaped hole in the bottom of the door. You can press it into place with a bit of force.

5. Reattach the door.

Pick up the door and line up the bottom with the hinge. Then tilt the door straight into position flush with the refrigerator. Put the top hinge into place. Then tighten the screws back into place and reinstall the cover. If you have a second person on hand, they can visually check to make sure the door connects correctly with the bottom hinge and can help you hold the door in place as you tighten the top hinge.

For more refrigerator and appliance part replacement tips, go to Fred’s Appliance Service here.

How to Replace a Whirlpool Dryer’s Heating Element 279838

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If you get a call about a dryer that’s not heating up, the heating element probably shorted. A short in the element can cause either low heat or no heat at all, but it can’t be repaired or partially replaced. For Whirlpool dryers, order a replacement element with a part number 279838 and follow these instructions.

1. Unplug the dryer.

Every step of this process involves electrical components. Disconnecting the appliance from its power source should definitely be your first step to keep everyone safe.

2. Access the back panel.

Once the machine is unplugged, pull it away from the wall so you can reach the rear of the machine. Loosen the screws around the back panel so you can pull the cover away and access the rear components.

3. Remove the element.

First, remove the wires from the thermostat. In order to be sure that you return the wires to the proper ports after you install the new element, take a picture of the wires that clearly show where each wire goes. Pry the wires away from the blocks with a flathead screwdriver. Once the wires are out of the way. Unscrew the element from the heat tube and pull the element down and away.

4. Install the new element.

Before you put the new part in the dryer, remove the thermostat from the previous part and transfer it to the new one; a new thermostat is not included. Just pry the terminal free, pull the thermostat free of the tab, and slip it into position on the new element. The snap the terminal into place.

Slide the new element into position so it fits smoothly into the gap and the screw holes line up. The retighten the screws.

5. Reassemble the dryer.

Using the picture you took earlier, reattach the three wires to the thermostat and element. Screw the back panel into position and then push the whole dryer back into position.

For more dryer repair tips and how to replace specific parts, go to Fred’s Appliance Service here.

How to Replace a Whirlpool Dishwasher Door Latch Actuator

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If a dishwasher door won’t open, it’s almost certainly due to a broken door latch actuator. This is the part that lifts the locking tabs and allows the door to swing down. For Whirlpool machines, order replacement part#WP8524471 and follow these steps:

1. Unplug the dishwasher or flip the circuit breaker.

While this part is not directly electrical, you will have to move wires during the course of the part replacement. Disconnecting the power source is the first step to any safe appliance repair job, especially if you will be accessing any electrical components.

2. Remove the control panel assembly.

First, open the door so it’s ajar and you can access the interior screws. Remove the screws connecting the control panel to the interior of the dishwasher door.  Then flip open the control panel on the exterior of the door (without pulling it away from the machine). Remove the interior cover panel by prying open the tabs with a flathead screwdriver. Set the cover panel aside.

3. Disassemble the door latch.

The door latch assembly is in the center of the uncovered area. Pry the assembly out by prying back the tabs. Then unscrew the door latch switches so you can free the connected wires. This will disconnect the door latch and actuator from the whole assembly.

4. Remove the door latch actuator.

Pry open the tabs holding the handle from the latches with a flathead screwdriver. The interior handle can be broken with too much force, so carefully pry the handle and actuator free. There are three parts: the assembly, the door latch, and the small actuator in the middle, and so you need to separate all three parts.

5. Replace the door latch actuator.

Snap the actuator into place in the door latch bracket. You should hear it click into place, and it should also be able to move up and down without friction. Then reattach the door latch over the actuator by locking the tabs into place.

6. Reassemble the door.

Snap the wired door latch switches back into position and retighten the screws to secure them in place. Then place the door latch assembly back into the uncovered access box. Snape the cover panel back over the box. Next, Slide the whole panel back into place and retighten the screws in the interior of the door.

The more you learn about dishwasher parts and replacement procedures, the easier you can disassemble and repair any make and model. Go to Fred’s Appliance Service for more repairs and procedures.

Do Not Hesitate To Have Your Dishwasher Repaired When You Notice Warning Signs

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Has using your dishwasher become such a huge part of your everyday routine that you do not stop to think about how it works? You do not think twice about your dishwasher until it actually stops working and it no longer becomes part of your daily routine.

You can avoid having your day-to-day routine interrupted by making sure you remain aware of any problems that may arise with your dishwasher. If you notice any problems with your dishwasher, we recommend that you contact a dishwasher repair service as soon as possible. When you have the problem addressed immediately, you will have a better chance of having the problem corrected before it fails completely.

We want you to be aware of the warning signs that may indicate you will need to have your dishwasher repaired as soon as possible:

  • Your dishes are not being properly cleaned
  • You hear unrecognizable noises
  • Your dishwasher’s unit has cracks or has rust
  • Your dishwasher’s latch is broken
  • Your dishwasher continues to fill itself with water even after it is already full
  • After the dishwashing cycle is complete, you realize that your dishes are not warm like they should be
  • Your dishes are still not clean after you have properly cleaned it

Dealing with any type of broken appliance is definitely not a fun time for anyone. A broken appliance will mean that your routine will be disrupted until you can have it repaired by a professional appliance repair technician.

If you do not have any experience in repairing appliances, we do not want you to attempt to repair the appliance on your own. If you seek to have your dishwasher repaired, you should make sure you have it repaired as soon as possible. If you want to improve the life of your appliance, save money on your electric bill, and get your dishwasher running again, please do not hesitate to contact us today.