GE Dryer Not Heating? How to Fix It

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Is your GE dryer not heating? Then this article is for you. Simply go through each of the possible causes listed below, and you should be able to find the cause of the problem and fix it. This guide covers most models of GE dryers, including: CADE165RAL CADG265RAL CADG265RBL CADG265RCL DBLR333ET0AA DBLR333ET0WW DBXR300EG3WS DHDSR46EG8WW GHDX100EM0WW GTDP180ED2WW GTDP180ED3WW GTDP200EM0WW GTDP200EM1WW GTDP200EM2WW … Read More

Samsung Microwave Noise? Here’s What to Do

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Samsung microwave owners will be familiar with the typical sound their microwave makes. But what should you do when that familiar hum becomes louder or your microwave starts making rattling or thumping sounds? There are some easy fixes to this problem, while others require a little more investigation. Where is the noise coming from? Is it at the base of … Read More

KitchenAid Washer Won’t Drain? Here’s What to Do

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If you can’t use your washer, you can run out of clean clothes pretty fast. When your washer won’t drain after a wash cycle, you can’t use it, so you’ll want to fix it quickly. This article will go through the most common problems that can cause a KitchenAid washer not to drain. It will also provide solutions you can … Read More

Self-Cleaning Oven Won’t Work? Here’s What to Do

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A self-cleaning oven can sometimes not turn back on or work correctly after it has gone through a self-cleaning cycle. One of the biggest contributing factors to this happening is that when the oven self-cleans it heats up to very high heat and this can damage components within the oven and stop it from working. Here’s what to do when … Read More