How to Clean Your Refrigerator Coils

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All appliances lose efficiency over time. Parts get old, slow, and wear down. However, not all that slowing down is permanent or requires a new part to fix. Your refrigerator, for example, is cooled by condenser coils, over which air is blown to cool the freezer and fridge. However, the cold coils are also damp which causes dust to collect … Read More

Why Are The Buttons On Your Induction Stove Are Not Working

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Induction stoves can be a great — and child-safe — tool in the kitchen compared to other cooktops. The stove only produces heat when it comes in contact with an induction appropriate pan bottom. That means curious hands don’t lead to burnt fingers, even if they happen to press the right buttons to turn it on. However, if your induction … Read More

7 Reasons Why Your Gas Burner Isn’t Turning On

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Having a gas stove is incredibly useful. Some home chefs swear by cooking on gas instead of electric burners. There is something inherently satisfying about the click of the igniter and the whoosh of the gas lighting in a ring around the burner. Cooking on gas is a clean, even heat if you take good care of your gas cooktop … Read More