How to Repair a Noisy Whirlpool Washer

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Lately, your Whirlpool, Model #WTW4616FW, top load washing machine sounds and performs as if it is haunted. Sometimes the tub is spinning erratically and sometimes hardly at all, but when it does spin, a high-pitched screeching sound can be heard. It sounds like the tub is full of a coven of drowning witches. If you’ve noticed such things as your washer … Read More

How to Replace Your Top-Load Washer Timer Switch

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Washing machines are built to last. The simple mechanics of a washing machine should last for many years, especially with proper maintenance. This is true with each individual piece and the combination structure as a whole. If one piece stops working, the machine as a whole is ready to keep going as soon as the repair is made. Even if … Read More

5 Reasons Why Your Electric Cooktop is Having Issues

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Cooking at home is an important part of living independently. Whether you’re heating frozen food or cooking meals from scratch, there are a few basic tools that every home kitchen needs. A reliable cooktop is at the top of that list. Most people need two to five burners to handle their favored rack of recipes, and those burners need to … Read More