How to Replace Your GE Oven Door’s Handle

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January 31, 2018
Oven Repair

Sometimes oven door handles get loose. This is because, like temperature control knobs, it is one of the most handled parts of your range. If it’s cracked or the door is getting difficult to open and shut, replace the handle. Order replacement part #WB15T10176 for a GE range, and do the following:

  1. Remove the oven door. First, open the door and snap open the hinges. Then partially close the door so you can lift it free of the hinge locks and slide it out towards yourself. The door should come free without any friction.
  2. Access the interior screws of the door handle. This involves removing a lot of layers of parts. First, loosen the screws and the top of the door and remove the screws holding the bottom trim. Then completely remove the inner door. Next, unscrew two screws that are holding the top grille and handle. Lift that part free and, still from the interior, unscrew the handle from the metal brackets on the grille.
  3. Replace the handle. Place the new handle into position by aligning it along the grille’s holes. Then screw it into position.
  4. Reassemble the oven door. Align the grille with the inner glass and tighten the screws along the edge of the frame, making sure the glass is properly in its groove. Then put the inner door back into position and retighten the top screws before you screw the bottom trim screws back into the door.
  5. Put the door back onto the oven. Slide the hinges into the oven’s slots, open the door all the way, and then push both hinge locks into position and close the door.

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