How to Replace Your KitchenAid Range’s Drip Pans

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February 7, 2018
Oven Repair

Drip pans collect the food debris and moisture that builds up during the course of your cooking. If they get damaged or start to rust too heavily, then replacing them takes just a few minutes. Order lost or damaged, rusted the drip pans with part #W10291024 for Kenmore and KitchenAid ranges to get started.

  1. Unplug the range.
  2. Remove the elements. Lift up the front edges so the element is tilted. Then pull it free of the free of the terminal. Set the elements aside. Most people prefer to replace all of their drip pans at once so the color and wear match.
  3. Remove the drip pans. The drip pans just lay in the cavities along the top of the range, so you can just pull them out and set them aside.
  4. Replace the drip pans. Make sure the hole in the side of each drip pan is oriented so the terminals are visible that way the burners can slip into position. However, before you set the drip pans in, check the range surface for visible rust or cracks in the enamel surface.
  5. Plug the elements back in. Put the element into the bowl of the drip pans at an angle so you can plug them into the terminal locks. Then set it down and make sure the edges are aligned with the edge of the drip pans so the elements are level.

Because elements can be rusted easily by improper cleaning, having a standard inventory in your truck can help you make easier suggestions for tune-ups and cosmetic replacements with your customers. For more repair procedures and appliance parts, go to Fred’s Appliance Service.

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