Find the Appliance Repair Parts You Need for DIY Fixes

Fred's Appliance
October 1, 2014

For people who are handy with machines, a broken appliance does not result in a service visit. Instead, the most important step after diagnostics is obtaining the needed appliance repair parts to get the device working again. At one time in history, this was a big problem. Many manufacturers would only sell parts to licensed repair contractors, which made it very hard for individuals to bypass the cost of service visits. Now, however, things have changed greatly. This is largely due to the rise of the Internet.

Once the Internet became a serious force for commerce, the old structures didn’t stand much of a chance. Items that were once strictly limited to certain distribution channels soon arrived on sites like eBay, and consumers flocked to them to avoid the high markups associated with the standard distribution systems. Soon, the old outlets realized that if they didn’t change how they did things, they would simply be out of luck. History was on the march, and it was time to catch up or be left in the dust.

Now, there is no need to go to auction sites to get OEM parts for your broken appliances. Licensed distributors have embraced the Internet, and ones like Fred’s Appliance even have online carts for easy ordering. It’s also possible to walk into the store’s physical location and buy parts.

Buying appliance parts this way is easy as long as you have the right information. If you have the manual, you’ve got it made. Just look up the part number and enter it into the search at the parts site, and the matching part will present itself. In many cases, though, an appliance that needs repair is old enough to have been separated from its manual at some point. Then, you can enter the machine’s model number or even search by make and appliance type. In most cases, one of these methods will get you to the parts you need within a couple of minutes.

For help finding the parts you need or to get installation advice, just contact us. We’ll be glad to assist you in completing your project.

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