How to Replace a Frigidaire Refrigerator’s Door Hinge Bearing 240328203

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March 14, 2018
Refrigerator Repair

If a refrigerator door isn’t sealing all the way, the seal might be your first guess as to the culprit. But sometimes a broken hinge bearing can also be at fault. Ask the customer if the door also makes a popping sound is a more difficult to open than it used to be. If so, order a replacement hinge bearing (with a part number of 240328203 for Frigidaire models) and then:

1. Unplug the refrigerator.

While this repair does not involve any electrical components, disconnecting an appliance from its power source should be the first step in most repairs. This is especially vital if the door has any electrical components or switches.

2. Remove the top hinge assembly.

Start by removing the assembly cover. Unscrew the cover, then slide it forward and pull the cover away. Use a nut driver remove the two hinge screws and set them aside. At this point, the hinge can be lifted away freely.

3. Remove the door.

Brace the door by holding onto the handle. Then tilt the top corner away from the refrigerator and slightly lift the door to pull it free of the bottom hinge assembly. Pull the door away and set it down with the exterior laying flatly on the floor so you can access the bottom. You can lay down a rug or towel to protect the door from rough flooring.

4. Remove and replace the hinge bearing.

Pry the old bearing out with a flathead screwdriver. You can either put a bit of protective cloth between the screwdriver and the edge of the door so you can use the door for leverage without risking damage, or you can twist the flathead to pop the bearing free. Then insert the replacement part. It has a roughly triangular part that needs to line up with the similarly shaped hole in the bottom of the door. You can press it into place with a bit of force.

5. Reattach the door.

Pick up the door and line up the bottom with the hinge. Then tilt the door straight into position flush with the refrigerator. Put the top hinge into place. Then tighten the screws back into place and reinstall the cover. If you have a second person on hand, they can visually check to make sure the door connects correctly with the bottom hinge and can help you hold the door in place as you tighten the top hinge.

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