3 Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs Help

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November 1, 2013

You will find that most modern kitchens today have a garbage disposal installed. The truth is that most owners have very little knowledge about the inner working of their garbage disposal and struggle to identify when there has been a problem, when it isn’t working properly or when it isn’t draining effectively. They are so scared that they will damage their garbage disposal that they end up neglecting the device altogether. When it comes to appliance use, knowledge is power. The more you understand about your devices the easier they are to use.

You are going to run into problems with your garbage disposal at some point in time that is why we have decided to give you a few signs that will tell you when your garbage disposal needs help. These signs will help you to determine whether you need professional help or not.

Garbage Disposal Has Backed Up

One of the initial signs that your garbage disposal is in trouble is when it begins to back up. When you use your garbage disposal, you will notice that a small amount of water backs up in the sink. This is actually a normal signs, the problem comes when you turn the blades of your garbage disposal on to remove any particles and matter and the water doesn’t reduce. This is a clear sign that you have a backing up issue. You will be able to see the problem as you turn on your garbage disposal and the water begins to rotate and move around but just won’t reduce at all. Unless you have dealt with a backed up garbage disposal before, it is probably a good idea to speak to your nearest appliance repair service for advice on the matter.

Metal on Metal

A very clear and noisy sign that your garbage disposal needs help is when you hear a metal on metal sound. This noise can be anything from a minor noise to a deafening grinding sound. If you hear any of these sounds your best bet would be to contact your nearest professional service as quickly as possible. Trying to fix the matter yourself can end up in even more damage being done to your garbage disposal, let alone being quick dangerous. These noises usually indicate that there is a loose blade or broken blade within your garage disposal.

Breaking Up of Food

The main function of your garbage disposal is that when you place any food inside, the blades start to turn and chop up the food to help it pass through as easily as possible. If you notice that the food is not being dissolved or being broken up properly, you may just have a problem with your machine. This could mean something as small as needing to get your blades re-sharpened or as serious as a problem with the blades movements. Having pieces of food that are not cut up properly will almost certainly cause a clog in your pipes so it would be best to contact a specialist right away.

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