3 Tips To Follow When Moving a Washing Machine

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April 17, 2014



Washing machines pose one of the biggest challenges to individuals and families relocating to new homes. Their large size and heavy weight makes them awkwardly difficult to move – not to mention the fact that most units retain at least some water after being disconnected. Moving a machine machine incorrectly could result in water being leaked onto the floor of your new home. To help make this process easier and less stressful, we’ve compiled a list of three important tips to follow when moving a washing machine.

Tip #1) Drain It

To eliminate the possibility of water leaking onto the floor, you should drain the remaining water from your washing machine. If you haven’t done so already, disconnect the unit from the water supply. While holding the drain hose up, carefully move the washing machine to the edge of an entry door or garage where you can safely drain it. Next, lower the drain hose below the actual washing machine and let gravity do the rest of the work for you.

Tip #2) Secure The Hoses

Whether you intend to move your washing machine by hand or with a dolly, stray hoses can make the process ten times more difficult. Securing them to the washing machine will keep them out of the way, allowing you to move the unit without interference. The most effective way to secure the hoses on a washing machine is with ties, but you can also electrical or duct tape as well. Toss the hoses over the top of the unit and secure them with ties or tape.

Alternatively, you can remove the hoses from your washing machine rather than securing them. If you’re going to remove them, however, you’ll need to keep track of all the pieces so you can reattach them later. Place them inside a sealed plastic bag to reduce the chance of lost pieces.

Tip #3) Use a Dolly

A dolly (AKA hand cart) is typically the preferred method for moving washing machines and other major home appliances. Just a single person can move the unit while exerting a minimal amount of energy. Use the included straps to secure the washing machine to the dolly. And if you’re going up or down a steep ramp, such as moving van or hill, have someone support the front of the unit.

Following these three tips will make your washing machine moving experience a breeze.

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