4 Mistakes That Can Harm Your Washing Machine and the Clothing it’s Cleaning

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April 17, 2014

Your washing machine is a handy appliance that can make your life a little easier each day. Unfortunately, your own actions can cause your washer to work against you. When you throw a load of laundry into your appliance without taking a few simple precautions, you could actually end up ruining your clothes and hurting your machine. The 4 common washing machine mistakes listed below can turn what should be a regular batch of laundry into a nightmarish mishap.

Not Checking Your Pockets

We understand how hectic life can be, but even when you’re in a hurry, you should still check the pockets of your clothing before putting them into your washing machine. If you leave foreign objects in your pockets, they can end up clogging your washer’s drain, and a clogged drain can lead to you calling your local washer appliance repair company. Your clothing can also become a victim when you forget to pat down your pockets. Imagine opening your appliance to find all your clothes marked by a permanent marker because you son or daughter forgot to take the writing utensil out of their pants before throwing them in the hamper.

Forgetting to Read the Labels on Your Clothing

While today’s washing machines have various setting for all types of clothing, if you don’t read the label on your favorite shirt or pants, you can’t expect your appliance to wash them without the items becoming damaged. While following the instructions on your clothing is your first step to keeping them intact, you should also read your washing machine’s manual, to better understand all of its possible settings and how they will effect your clothing.

Using Extra Detergent

Even if your clothes are excessively dirty, adding more than the recommended amount of detergent will do more harm than good. Newer washing machines are built to conserve energy and water, so when you overload the machine with soap, the appliance will not have the adequate amount of water to dissolve the extra detergent. Unfortunately, that means your clothing and your machine will be covered in leftover soap residue. When you have extremely dirty clothes, rather than adding too much detergent, we suggest running the items through an additional wash cycle.

Ignoring an Unbalanced Washing Machine

If your appliance is shaking more than usual, it’s probably unbalanced, and if you allow the machine to stay that way, you could be looking at some costly repairs in the future. Catching an unbalanced washer early and repairing it immediately can save you hundreds of dollars. If you’re unsure on how to fix this problem, take a look at a blog we posted earlier this month which can help you solve the issue of an unbalanced washer.

If your washing machine is refusing to corporate with you and you just can’t seem to pinpoint the problem, please contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help you get your appliance up and running again.

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