5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In a Garbage Disposal

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May 29, 2014


Garbage disposal units (AKA waste disposal units) have become a popular home improvement here in the U.S. While they were initially banned in dozens of cities due to perceived threat of damage to municipal sewer systems, these fears have since been laid to rest.

According to a 2009 American Housing Survey taken by the Census Bureau, nearly 50% of homes in the U.S. feature a garbage disposal system. If you’re still on the fence, keep reading to learn 5 reasons why you should invest in a garbage disposal.

#1) Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions

When leftover food is tossed in the trash, it ends up in the landfill where it decomposes and releases a powerful greenhouse gas – methane. In 2007 alone, leftover food was responsible for emitting over 31 million tons of methane. If this statistic wasn’t grim enough, scientists believe methane is 21 times stronger than carbon dioxide, acting as a blanket of insulation that traps warm air inside Earth’s atmosphere.

#2) Cleaner Kitchen

Investing in a garbage disposal unit will also help to keep your kitchen clean. Trying to dump leftover dinner scraps in the trash often results in debris falling on the floor and counters. Even small crumb-sized food particles can server as vectors for food-borne illness and disease. Opting to place your leftovers down a garbage disposal reduces the risk of food scraps being dropped on the floor.

#3) Saves Landfill Space

Placing leftover food in the garbage disposal means there’s less trash being sent to the landfill. It’s estimated that roughly 12.5% of all landfill waste is solid food. If everyone invested, and used, a garbage disposal, we could save tons of valuable landfill acreage.

#4) Creates Fertilizer

Did you know that food passed through garbage disposals is often used as fertilizer? When leftover food is ground up, it creates a nutrient-rich bio liquid that travels into the municipal sewer systems. Here, the wastewater treatment facilities catch it and turn it into plant fertilizer.

#5) Fewer Trips To The Trash Bin

Grinding up leftover foods in the garbage disposal will cut down on the amount of trips you take to the garbage bin outside. Some trash companies charge their customers extra for bags that don’t fit inside the bin. If you are forced to pay extra because of this, you should invest in a garbage disposal. With less food going into the trash, you’ll make fewer trips to the garbage bin.

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