5 Signs That it’s Time for Microwave Appliance Repair

microwave appliance repair
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November 10, 2015

What would we all do without our microwave ovens? Since their invention in the 1940s, to their widespread use in the 1960s, microwaves are synonymous with American culture and cooking. They make our life easier and, at the same time, can be a real headache when something in them goes wrong.

So to help you out with your microwave oven problems, here are some signs that your microwave needs appliance repair.

– If something electrical is starting to fail in your microwave, never try to repair it yourself. Microwaves use high voltage to function, so even just touching wiring together can cause severe shock. Because of this danger, it’s always best to take your microwave to a professional for repair.

– When food is not heating properly, it is a sign that the microwave is failing. The magnetron inside the unit (the tube heating element) is the most important aspect of a microwave. When it starts to go out, the microwave is in serious need of repair.

– Modern microwaves use circuitry to function. The circuit board on the front of the microwave is connected directly to the board inside. When the circuit board fails, there is no way to program the unit to heat food. Oftentimes, it’s best to replace the circuit board altogether when this occurs.

– When microwaves make clanging or buzzing noises, it might mean that the turntable is broken or is about to be. Try cleaning the turntable thoroughly before resorting to other measures. If a clean turntable isn’t the solution, chances are the capacitor, power diode, or even the magnetron are beginning to fail.

– If when you operate the unit, there is a burning smell, electrical wiring could be melting. It is also possible that something inside the unit is burning or melting due to extreme heat. When this happens, stop usage right away and contact a repair service.

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