5 Things You Should Never Place Down a Garbage Disposal

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February 7, 2014

A garbage disposal is a convenient appliance that makes quick work of leftover food scraps. Rather than walking over to the kitchen trash can, you can simply shove the leftovers into the garbage disposal, flip the switch and call it a day (or night). It’s this level of simplicity and convenience that draws so many homeowners to purchasing them. In this post, we’re going to reveal 5 things that should never be placed down a garbage disposal.


#1) Stringy Vegetables


Due to their tough, stringy consistency, certain vegetables like celery, green beans and corn husks may damage a garbage disposal. Their fibrous material will wrap around the blades and motor, hindering its ability to rotate. If you have any stringy vegetables left over on your dinner plate, dump them in the trash just to be on the safe side.


#2) Oil and Grease


Whether it’s vegetable oil, olive oil, bacon grease, etc., all forms of oil, grease and fat should either be poured outside or discarded in your trash can. Garbage disposals aren’t designed to handle these ingredients. The problem occurs when the oil or grease cools, at which point it creates a hard mold around the blades and motor. This hard shell may reduce your garbage disposal’s power, or it may prevent it from turning back on.


#3) Egg Shells


Since most people crack their eggs on the kitchen sink, they may assume it’s okay to toss the shells down the garbage disposal. Unfortunately, this is another item that should never be placed down a garbage disposal. The blades can chop up the shell just fine, but they won’t be able to effectively dispose of the thin membrane coating the inside of the shell.


#4) Coffee Grounds


Coming in at number four on our list is coffee grounds. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who start their day off with a hot cup of Joe, you’ll want to dispose of your used grounds the old fashioned way – placing them in the trash can. The finely ground particles of coffee beans can work their way into the garbage disposal’s mechanical components, causing serious damage.


#5) Meat Bones


Lastly, you should never attempt to throw meat bones down your garbage disposal. Chicken, pork, beef, lamp fish bones can get stuck down in between the blades where it wrecks havoc on the motor. Even if the bones feel soft or brittle, you should still avoid using them in a garbage disposal.

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