Appliance Repair 101: Keep These 5 Items Out of Your Microwave

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July 30, 2014

Your microwave can cook and warm up all types of food, however, there are certain items you should never place in your appliance. To help you avoid a messy catastrophe or the need for appliance repair, we’ve listed 5 objects that are better left out of your microwave.

  • Eggs. If you’ve attempted to make hard boiled eggs in your microwave, you’re probably familiar with the mess you’re likely to create. Due to your microwaves accelerated heating ability, excessive amounts of steam tend to build up inside an egg. Unfortunately, the steam has no way of escaping which leads to the egg exploding.

  • Disposable Plastic Containers. Reusing the plastic containers of items like cottage cheese, sour cream, or butter is extremely resourceful, however, it’s important to remember such containers are not made to withstand the heat a microwave produces. If you do choose to warm up leftovers in one of these containers there is a high chance it’ll melt, ruining your food and possibly damaging your microwave.

  • Traveling Mugs. There are two things you should check before warming up your tea or coffee in your handy travel mug. Number one is whether or not the mug has any metal components. As most of you know, placing metal in your microwave can have a disastrous outcome. Once you’ve determined there is no metal present, the second thing you should look for is a microwave safe mark. If you don’t see one, avoid placing the mug in the appliance; otherwise you could ruin the mug and cause permanent damage to your microwave.

  • Fruit. Two fruits you should definitely keep away from your microwave are tomatoes and grapes. Putting either fruit in your appliance will result in quite the explosion, which will ultimately lead to you scrubbing the inside of your microwave.

  • Nothing. Allowing your appliance to run with nothing inside of it can completely ruin it. Essentially, the magnetron will end up absorbing all the microwaves created by the appliance which will most likely cause your appliance to malfunction. Unfortunately, if this mishap does occur, purchasing a new microwave is probably your most cost effective option.

If you’re concerned with your microwave’s performance, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you.

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