Appliance Repair for Home Sellers in Cleveland

Fred's Appliance
April 18, 2013

If your home is on the market, don’t overlook appliance repairs when you are showing your home.Appliance repair in Cleveland can be accomplished with one call to Fred’s Appliance, and can help your home sizzle during showings.

Many homeowners tend to overlook minor repairs such as a burner that doesn’t work on a stove or a refrigerator ice maker on the fritz, but minor repairs can give buyers pause when looking at your home. Most appliance repairs can be accomplished in one visit, and can make your home look more appealing to buyers.

Are appliances included in home sale?

Many home sellers include the appliances in the real estate transaction, but some choose to take the appliances with them. Even if the appliances are not included, it helps the home show better to have the appliances in working condition. However, many home sellers do not want to bother with the cost of moving appliances and having them re-installed in a new location. Custom appliances can also present a challenge when fitting in a new space.

Keep appliances humming with repairs

Serious buyers will turn on stoves and clothes dryers to make sure the appliances function properly. Common repairs for gas stoves include cleaning the burners of debris so the gas can ignite properly. For home buyers, the latest in stainless steel appliances will not matter as much as if the appliances work properly.

For clothes dryers, lint can build up over time and keep the dryer from functioning properly. Cleaning out the dryer vent on a yearly basis can keep the dryer humming for years, and will also reduce the risk of fire. Another common repair for refrigerators is fixing an ice maker, especially the built-in ice makers on refrigerator doors. Contact us today to help your appliances return to tip-top shape to sell your home.

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