Appliance Repair: Symptoms of a Faulty Dryer

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February 26, 2014

There comes a time in everybody’s life when they discover their dryer is malfunctioning. If you’ve recently faced such a dilemma, you are probably acquainted with feeling a bit helpless. While you may not be an appliance repair expert, you can still learn some of the defects that can cause your dryer to breakdown. Provided below are 4 issues that can stop any dryer from preforming correctly.


  • When your dryer’s drum spins but there is no heat being produced you could be facing a few different problems. For one, your thermal fuse may be malfunctioning. The thermal fuse keeps your dryer from overheating. Most likely the fuse has blown and will need to be replaced to get your dryer up and running again. Another common issue is a failing cycling thermostat. Your dryer’s thermostat regulates the air’s temperature in the appliance and when this part malfunctions your dryer may not heat up.


  • If you notice your appliance’s drying time continues to increase, a defective moisture sensor could be the likely culprit. This sensor works with your dryer’s main circuit board by sending signals that indicate your clothing’s moisture level. When a malfunction occurs false signals get sent, and that’s why your appliance’s drying time is prolonged.


  • Hearing unpleasant noises coming from your appliance can be caused by a number of issues. A damaged drive belt is one common defect that can lead to your dryer’s noise level increasing. Lint or a small piece of clothing getting into your blower wheel is also another affliction that will elevate the amount of sound your dryer emits. Removing the offending material should solve the problem.


  • Discovering your dryer is overheating is a serious malfunction that must be dealt with immediately. If you don’t address the issue right away, your dryer could start a fire in your home. The problem can be as simple as a vent clogged by excessive lint, or it could be an issue that requires a professional repair technician. A bad thermostat or failing heating coil are just a few of the larger malfunctions that can lead to an overheated appliance.


If you’re experiencing a problem with your dryer and you’re in need of a trustworthy appliance repair company, please contact us today.

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