Avoid Washer Appliance Repair with a Little Maintenance

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June 11, 2013

Washer Appliance Repair can get costly in a hurry. Not to mention the inconvenience of a breakdown. You can avoid some of the expense and hassle with a little routine maintenance.

Check the water fill hoses: As time goes on, these hoses will weaken and can burst dumping large amounts of water all over the place, possibly adding water damage to your home on top of the repair bill. Inspect your hoses from time to time. Often a blister will form in a weak spot just before it bursts. Most manufacturers recommend changing hoses every five years. You also have the option of buying stainless steel hoses which although more expensive, last much longer than rubber ones.

Make sure your machine is level: A machine that isn’t level can bang like crazy during the spin cycle. If one of the machine’s legs isn’t touching the floor, the machine can rock so hard it will actually “walk” across the floor possibly damaging anything around it. An off kilter washer can easily shake itself apart as well. Washing machines come with adjustable legs that allow you to level it perfectly, thus saving a lot of damage later.

Check your lint trap: Most machines dispose of lint right down the drain; however, there are some models that feature a lint trap. Check your owner’s manual to see if you have a trap and keep it clean if you do. A dirty lint trap can prevent your washer from draining properly.

Even with good maintenance, there will occasionally be a need for repairs. When that time comes, contact us and let our highly trained, very professional technicians get you back up and running in no time.

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