Cleveland Appliance Repair: Are You Making These Appliance Mistakes?

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October 29, 2016

When you buy an appliance for your home, you expect it to last for a significant amount of time. You are going to need to use them every day so you are depending on them to be durable and reliable.

However, if your appliances are misused and abused, they will not be able to withstand the damage. When your appliances are damaged, you will either have to replace them or you will have to break the piggy bank so you can pay for an appliance repair in Cleveland.

If you are making some or all of the following mistakes, you should stop right away.

Stuffing Things In Your Refrigerator

If you put too much food in your refrigerator, you will eventually forget how long some of that food has been in there. If you go months without cleaning your refrigerator, you will look in there one day and find mold everywhere.

Also, too much food in your refrigerator makes it hard for the air to come in and keep all the food cool. If it is difficult for air to circulate into your refrigerator, it will put an excessive amount of pressure on itself to cool your food.

If your refrigerator cannot get cool enough, all of the delicious food in your refrigerator will have to be thrown out because it will spoil. In order to avoid this, you should clean your refrigerator before going on your next grocery shopping trip.

The Freezer

The same thing goes for the freezer side of your refrigerator. You do not want to block the vents on the freezer side. If the vents have to work overtime, they will eventually burn out.

The Water Filters

Are you aware of how often your refrigerator’s water filters need to be changed? If you are not, you should definitely find out. Some water filters need to be changed every six months. If you do not regularly change your water filters, not only will your water taste awful, but the water could start leaking or clogging.

Your Dishwasher

Your Choice Of Soap

Did you know your choice of dishwasher soap can have an impact on how your dishwasher operates? If you do not have dishwasher soap but you have dish soap, you should let the temptation of using the dish soap go away. Do not use dish soap  in your dishwasher. Dish soap was not made for your dishwasher. You should only use dishwasher soap that was made for your dishwasher.


Things to avoid when doing laundry:

  • Leaving money in your pocket. We sometimes forget to check our pockets when doing laundry, but it is very important to check them. Make sure none of your pockets have any coins in them when you are getting ready to place them in the washer or dryer. Coins can damage your appliances.
  • Not zipping the zippers. Yes, this matters. If you do not zip your pants before placing them in the washer or dryer, the zipper can cause damage to the drums. Your appliance can also be scratched. Your other clothes will also be impacted by those zippers because they can get stuck on your other clothes and ruin them. It can be difficult to forget about the zippers, but you should always try to zip them before doing laundry.

If you have made any of these mistakes, you are not the only one. The important thing is that you know what you need to do to correct them. If you know what you should do the next time you use your appliance, you can avoid paying for repairs.

For more information on appliance repair, contact us today.

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