Delicious Knowledge Nuggets About Dishwashers Everyone Should Know

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March 26, 2014

Knowledge is power. It’s also pretty tasty. Especially when that knowledge relates to avoiding unnecessary expenditures on your dishwasher. Appliance repair should not be a routine element of your kitchen life during that period the warranty covers. Appliance manufacturers spend an awful lot of money figuring how just how long their machines should stay free of repair and that warranty is a good indication. To keep from needing repairs to your dishwasher before its time, power up with these delicious knowledge nuggets.

Fill ‘er Up!

If your dishwasher doesn’t have adjustable settings to distinguish between full and light loads, make sure to only run it with a full load. It takes as much water and power to clean a full load as it does to clean half that amount. So waiting until you can fill up the dishwasher completely saves on water and power bills. You can also delay on the onset of dishwasher repair by cutting back on how much strain you put on the appliance.

Out, Spot, Out!

Don’t automatically jump to the conclusion that your dishwasher is in need of a call to the appliance repair professionals if the contents come up spotty. The problem may very well be solved by trying a different arrangement inside the machine. Try mixing things up a little bit, including putting kitchen items normally placed on the bottom rack on the top rack and vice versa.

Clog Lancing

Looking for clogs in the water line can be an easy way of not only putting off dishwasher repair, but making it clean your dishes as well as it used to. Taking the time to learn the location of the water supply line and the inlet valve could save you a lot of frustration. Well, as long as you also learn how to uncog them should obstruction occur.

Open with Care

While you are examining your dishwasher, also make sure you find out where the drain valve is situated. The first thing to do the first time you open your dishwasher to find it full of water is check the drain valve to see if it got stuck open. Firmly closing the drain valve will probably clear up any drainage issues.

If You Can’t Sing..Hum

A dishwasher that has suddenly started making an unfamiliar and worrisome humming sound is likely to fill you with a sense of dread and fear over potential appliance repair costs. Don’t reach that phone before you do a couple of other things. First, turn the dishwasher off and check the power supply. The humming sound could potentially be stopped by anything from plugging the power cord in tighter to flipping a circuit breaker. If the problem isn’t the power supply, open the shut the dishwasher door firmly several times. If doing so seems to affect the sound of the humming, you could be looking at replacing a door switch about to break bad. Should none of these possibilities impact the humming sound at all, appliance repair may be on the horizon unless you are handy enough to replace the machine’s timer or motor.

No Showers or Sprinklers Allowed

When the dishes are coming out with food still stuck to them or you have reached the point where you practically have to wash them by hand before stacking them inside, the problem may not lie in the dishwasher itself. It takes hot water streaming at a pretty intense amount of pressure to get crusty, stuck-on food off. Check your water heater thermostat to make sure that the water getting to the appliance is hot enough. If the water is hot, make sure that the pressure is intense. The solution to both may be as easy as putting the kibosh on family members showering when the dishwasher is running or competing for pressure with your sprinkler system.

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