Dryer Maintenance Quick Tips That Can Help You Avoid Dryer Appliance Repair

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November 29, 2013

The dryer is the appliance in many homes that most often goes neglected. It is there when you need to dry clothes, but otherwise most people do not put much thought into keeping up on the maintenance of this appliance. However, proper dryer maintenance is essential in ensuring the safety of your home and in helping to avoid the need for dryer appliance repair. Following these easy dryer maintenance tips can go a long way in making sure your appliance is being properly taken care of.


Clean the Lint Filter

It is imperative that before you use your dryer, you check to make sure that all lint and debris has been removed from your dryer’s lint filter. While this may seem like a basic tip to many people, it is an aspect of using a dryer that people most commonly forget to do. The fact is, when a lint filter becomes full, it can cause a fire when you run your dryer. Many house fires are caused each year due to homeowners forgetting to clean their lint filter. Taking this basic step can help ensure the safety of your home and family.


Clear Vents and Hoses

Many people are not aware that their dryer’s vents and hoses need to be cleaned. Contrarily though, it is just as necessary to clean these areas as it is to clean your lint filter. This is because lint and debris can become caught in these areas, which can also become a fire hazard. For this is reason, it is a good idea to check and clean your dryers vents and hoses every 3-4 months to ensure that they are clear.


Have Machine Serviced

While the upkeep on in-home dryer units is fairly simple, it is necessary for periodic professional maintenance to be performed on your appliance. The main reason for this is that a technician will be able to make certain that your dryer is running as efficiently as possible, and they will be able to make any necessary repairs that will extend the life of your appliance and prevent more costly repairs later on. Furthermore, they will be able to clean the inside of your dryer, which can collect debris that can dirty your clean clothes; this task generally must be performed by a professional. It is generally a good idea to have your dryer looked over by a repair specialist every couple of years, or more frequently if you heavily use your dryer.

Making sure that you properly maintain your dryer will ensure its efficiency and its safety for years to come. If you have further questions regarding dryer maintenance, contact us. We can help clarify any further questions you may have, and we can also answer questions in regards to your other appliances.

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