Help! My Washing Machine Is Leaking

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September 26, 2014


A leaking washing machine is more than just a nuisance; it’s a serious problem that can lead to costly water and mold damage. If enough water leaks from the unit it can settle down inside the subfloor, causing it to rot and develop mold. Replacing subflooring – even small areas like the laundry room – can easily cost you hundreds of dollars.


Clogged Drain Hose


One possible cause of a leaking washing machine is a clogged drain hose. If the water isn’t draining properly from the unit, it may overflow from the top. This is a relatively easy fix that most do-it-yourself handymen (or handywomen) can perform without the need for a professional plumber. The drain line can be unclogged by either blasting it with pressurized water, or by running plumbing snake through (sold at most home improvement stores).


Damaged Washing Machine “Boot”


No, I’m not referring to the boots you wear on your feet. Washing machines have small rubber seals that wrap around the agitator shaft. Known as a “boot,” it’s not uncommon for these seals to wear down and degrade over time, causing the washing machine to leak water when in use. You can remove and replace it by lifting up on the agitator, removing the secured bolts, and pulling the tub out. This should reveal the boot, at which point you can check to see if it’s the cause of your leak.


Damaged Door Seal


A third possible cause of a leaking washing machine is a damaged door seal. Front-loading washing machines are known for being energy efficient, which subsequently saves you money on water and electricity. However, one of the downsides to front-loaders is their potential for leaking around the door. If the door seal develops a hole or tear, the pressure from the water may force some of the moisture outside. Washing machine door seals are inexpensive and easy to replace, usually costing $20-$30 bucks depending on where you buy it.


Damaged Drain Pump


If the drain pump contains a hole or crack, it won’t be able to effectively flush water from the unit. In turn, this may result in some of the water being leaking out of the unit. Even if it’s able to pump some of the water out, it may still leak. Unfortunately, drain pumps aren’t easily repairable, and the only way to fix this problem is by replacing it.

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