Oven Appliance Repair Needed?

January 22, 2015
 If your oven isn't working properly, don't simply adjust your cooking time and temperature -- the problem will probably get worse over time.

If your oven isn’t working properly, don’t simply adjust your cooking time and temperature — the problem will probably get worse over time.

When the oven won’t power on it is obvious a repair is needed. When you think you have preheated the oven but upon opening the door you find it isn’t warm at all it is obvious a repair is needed. But what about the cases that aren’t as clear? Maybe the cookie recipe you have made for years now comes out burned. Or the lasagna isn’t evenly cooked. If you suspect your oven isn’t quite performing as well as it has historically it may be time to call for an oven appliance repair.

You may think you can just adjust the cooking temperature or time to accommodate the fact the oven isn’t operating properly. The negative of this is that it may be an intermittent problem or it may be an issue that gets progressively worse over time. Subtracting 3 minutes from the cookie bake time may work today but tomorrow it might still result in burned cookies. In many cases it is important to make sure the meal is cooked to the proper temperature to prevent food related illness. It is not safe to serve undercooked meat.

Some people think they can just repair the oven themselves. They pull out the manual and try to troubleshoot the issue. If the oven is gas it is really safest to have a knowledgeable service person do repairs. The risk is too high when it comes to a natural gas appliance.

Regardless of whether your appliance is gas or electric it is often beneficial to have a qualified repair person take a look. They will have the training and experience necessary to quickly identify the issue and determine the best method of repair.

You may be worried about the amount a repair will cost you. Sometimes the solution is simple and the cost minimal. Often the cost of repair is significantly less than the cost of purchasing a new appliance.

If you are concerned that your oven is not operating properly or if you are frustrated that the things you used to cook without thought are now turning out wrong contact us at Fred’s Appliance. We would be happy to help you resolve the problem so you can get back to cooking without an issue!

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