How To Paint A Rusty Fridge And Give It A Second Life

December 23, 2014

If your fridge is rusty, with a little bit of time and a few supplies, you can get it looking like new again.

To start with, you need to gather or purchase the following supplies:

  • Bucket Full Of Soapy Water
  • Sponge
  • Towels
  • Drop Cloth
  • Fine Sandpaper
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Glossy Enamel Paint
  • Paint Tray
  • Paint Roller
  • Small Paintbrush
  • Ice Chest

Once you have gathered all of the supplies listed above, you are ready to transform your rusty fridge.

Okay, maybe your fridge isn't quite this rusty, but we're betting you could fix this one up too!

Okay, maybe your fridge isn’t quite this rusty, but we’re betting you could fix this one up too!

Prep Work

If you have food stored inside of your fridge, you will need to remove all the food and place it inside of another fridge, or inside of an ice chest.

Once all the food has been removed from the fridge, you need to pull the fridge out from against the wall and unplug it. You should also lay down a drop cloth to protect your floors and to make clean up easy while you work on your fridge.

Clean Your Fridge

Get out that bucket full of warm soapy water and a sponge. Use the sponge to thoroughly clean the fridge and remove any residue that has built up over time. Once the fridge is clean, use the towels to dry off your fridge.

Sand Down Your Fridge

Once your fridge is clean, it is time to sand it down. You will want to sand your entire refrigerator in order for the new paint to stick. All the old glossy paint on your fridge should look dull when you are done sanding. You may have to spend some extra time on the rusty areas of your fridge. You want to try your best to remove all the rust by sanding it down.

Wipe Away All The Dust

Once you are done sanding your fridge, you need to clean it again. Use the sponge to wipe away any dust or rust particles from the fridge. You want the fridge to be clean before you start to paint.

Cover Gaskets With The Painters Tape

Use the painters tape to cover the gaskets on your fridge, as well as any other part of your fridge that you do not want to paint.

Paint Your Fridge

Now that your fridge is sanded, cleaned, and taped, you are ready to paint. Pour the glossy enamel paint that you purchased into the paint tray. Use a paint roller to apply the paint to your fridge.

Be sure to use smooth strokes while applying the paint. You will want to allow the first layer of paint to dry overnight before applying the second layer of paint.

Use a small paintbrush to paint between the door and other small or tight spots that your roller cannot get to.

Once your fridge has completely dried, remove the painters tape and the drop cloth from under your fridge. Plug your fridge back in and fill it back up with food.

With a little time and a few supplies, your rusty fridge will look and feel brand new. Please contact us for more Appliance Repair tips.

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