Proper Maintenance Is Essential to Your Microwave’s Health

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April 2, 2014

When it comes to appliances, saving money starts with regular maintenance. While the steps to sufficiently care for dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers are highly discussed, the preservation of microwaves tends to be an untouched subject. Like every appliance, your microwave requires proper handling to prolong its life and cut back on its need for repairs. Below we have listed 4 practices that will help keep your microwave running for years to come.

Never Run Your Microwave When It’s Empty

Allowing the appliance to run while there is nothing inside of it can damage the machine. When there is a lack of an item, whether it is a food or a liquid, the energy produced by the microwave does not get absorbed. Unfortunately, that energy will end up ricocheting around the inside of the appliance which can lead to certain components in your microwave overheating.

Stick With Microwave Safe Dishes

If a dish is not marked with a microwave safe stamp, avoid using it in your appliance. While some glass dishware is made to withstand the heat a microwave produces, others are not, so before heating your food in one of your glass bowls check for the stamp of approval mentioned above. Also, due to the risk of a fire occurring or the chance of a component malfunction, no type of metal should ever be placed in your microwave oven.

Don’t Slam the Door

Closing your microwave’s door too hard can damage one or all of the appliance’s latch mechanisms. Most microwaves have three latches that must operate correctly for the machine to heat up your food. Just one malfunctioning latch can cause the appliance to stop working. Carefully shutting the door is crucial to your microwave’s upkeep and can help you prevent its need for appliance repair.

Keeping Your Microwave Clean

Like every appliance in your home, regularly cleaning your microwave is a must. When you allow dried food particles to accumulate inside your appliance, you may end up with unsightly scorch marks which appear when microwave energy is absorbed by the leftover food. You can prevent this from happening by using one of the easy, but effective cleaning techniques we wrote about in an earlier blog entry.

If your microwave oven is malfunctioning or you’re having difficulties with another appliance, pleasecontact us today and we’ll be happy to help solve your problem.

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