Range Appliance Repair 101

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April 30, 2013
The central hub, the heart of a home is the kitchen. Aside from the refrigerator, the next most important appliance in the kitchen is the oven/range, and invaluable item in a home. Everyone needs a range and replacing one can be costly, therefore, maintenance is crucial.
Here are some examples that it’s time for some range appliance repair from the experts. The main components of a range are the oven and broiler. When the heating elements break, they are easily to detect but not so easy to repair.
The broiler element are black tubes as thick as pencils. When they are hot, they glow in red, and when they are broken, they remain cold and black, possibly burnt out and need replacement.
If the oven doesn’t heat up, the heating element or broiler may be broken or burnt out requiring replacement. However, if the entire unit, the grill, range, or oven is not heating, it may be an electricl problem which requires attention from professionals.
Door Hinges:
The door hinges, although not as important as the heating elements, are pertinent to a good working range. When the door hinge is broken, the door may not seal properly allowing heat to escape rendering the range/oven inadequate. Replacing the hinges is easy, but finding the parts may not be.
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