Range Appliance Repair vs. Investing In a New Appliance


Many of us depend on our oven for preparing dinner, hosting parties or simply having a dependable appliance in time for the holidays. When your range isn’t working properly you may be wondering whether it is better to simply replace it or to have a range appliance repair technician visit.

There are just a few reasons why you would want to do anything other than call a dependable service technician.

Age of Appliance. The age of your appliance is a good indicator of whether to replace it or simply fix what you have. Unless your range is very old (at least 20-25 years) then there is no reason to replace it when you can repair it for much less money.
Upgrading. If you have a range you really love, unless you are wanting to upgrade it to something with more bells and whistles, repairing what you own is always your best bet. Not only are you familiar with it, it’ll cost much less.
Major Repair. If you do have a major repair that would cost more than what it would cost to buy another range, this is one of the few reasons to replace what you already have. However, a licensed and experienced technician can tell you if what you have is worth fixing and that can save you a bundle.
Your best bet in saving money and time is to simply have someone come fix your range. It saves you the money in having to buy a new appliance and it saves you time because for about 90% of the parts needed we can order them for you the same day and stock all of the fast moving parts on our trucks so that you don’t have to wait on them to come in. Not only does this ensure a fast repair but you’ll have less time waiting on the use of your range.

If you have questions about whether you should invest in a new range or repair your existing one, simply contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

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