Reasons Why Your Refrigerator’s Ice Makers Is Faulty

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October 24, 2013

Buying a refrigerator with an ice maker can be an incredibly convenient appliance to have in your kitchen. You no longer have to fill plastic mold trays with water and wait for them to become frozen. By simply pressing a button or pushing a lever, you can fill your glasses with fresh ice instantly. What happens when this ice maker stops working? In order to help you understand ice maker problems better, we have given you a few reasons for ice maker issues below.

Freezer Temperature Is above 10 Degrees Fahrenheit

If there is no ice coming from your ice maker check to see what the temperature of your freezer is. If the temperature is above 10 degrees Fahrenheit, your ice maker will not be able to work properly. To ensure the best results from your ice maker, make sure that you set your freezer temperature below five degrees Fahrenheit. If the freezer temperature remains at a high level even after changing the settings, check to see that your condenser coil is functions properly and that your condenser fan is able to cool effectively. Lastly, you should check the evaporator coil for frost build-up. If you notice there is too much build-up, air circulation will be limited and result in defects.

Ice Maker assembly is defective

A common reason for ice maker issues is that they have assembly issues. There are usually several components within the control module of your ice maker that can fail and most are not sold separately. Unfortunately, ice makers are known to have a relatively short lifespan. Most users simply replace the entire ice maker with a new one than bothering to fix them. If you believe the problem to be a simple one, it is a good idea to get in contact with your nearest appliance service.

Low Water Pressure

If everything about your ice maker seems fine or you have just purchased it, it could be that the water pressure in your house is just too low. The water inlet valve which supplies water to the ice maker is designed to work with a minimum of 20 psi of water pressure. Anything below this and you won’t have enough pressure to create ice blocks.

Ice Level Control Board

If your ice maker isn’t working the way it should it could be that your ice level control board is defective. Your refrigerator will come with an infrared beam that detects the exact level of ice in your machine. As the ice fills to the top and the beam hits the top block of ice, it tells your ice maker to shut off so that it doesn’t overflow. Once you have used some ice from the machine, the level drops and the machine begins to work again. If there is a defective however, it may not tell the machine to start working again leaving you with no fresh ice.

Can you think of any other reasons why your ice maker becomes faulty?

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