Repair Tips: 3 Common Oven Door Defects

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May 14, 2014

After years of being opened and shut on a daily basis, your oven door may be suffering from a few common wear and tear issue. While most door repairs are easy enough for you to accomplish on your own, one or two may require the expertise of an oven appliance repair professional. To help you diagnose your oven door’s malfunction, we’ve listed three of the most common door impairments below.

The Gasket 

Just like your refrigerator and your dishwasher, your oven has a door gasket that seals in the heat the appliance produces. When the gasket becomes cracked or torn, its function is compromised, which ultimately leads to longer preheating times and fluctuating temperatures. The next time your oven is on, place your hand a few inches from the edge of the door and slowly run it along the length of the seal. If you feel excessive heat pouring from the area, the gasket will most likely need replacing. Once your oven has completely cooled, take a look at the door seal, if you spot even the smallest crack, you will need to order a new door seal.

Door Hardware 

If your appliance’s door has gotten harder to open over the years, you may want to consider replacing its hinges or springs. While this problem won’t cause any major issues with your oven’s baking functions, it instead can cause a large amount of frustration. Having to constantly tug on the oven’s handle to open it can end up loosening or damaging the part. To purchase the correct appliance repair parts for your oven, write down its model number and do a quick search online.

Broken Glass Pane 

When your oven door’s glass pane has a crack, no matter how small, it can lead to heat leaking from the appliance. Not only will baking times increase, but you may also see a rise in your energy bill. A safety hazard due to the glass possibly shattering also makes replacing the pane crucial.

If you’re still having problems with your oven after fixing its door, please contact us and we’ll be happy diagnose and repair the malfunction.

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