Seasonal Repair Tips for a Few of Your Appliances

January 7, 2015

appliance repairGiven our current economic recession – it’s always good to try and do things to save money. One thing that most people don’t think about is performing seasonal routine appliance maintenance. Doing little things for your appliances every few months or so, will prevent future hefty maintenance costs. According to a recent article, doing these routine things for your appliances will “’reduce energy consumption and keep them running safely and efficiently.’”

You use your dryer every week, if not every couple of days – you should do more than just clean out the lint trap. By using “a long dryer vent cleaning brush… remove lint buildup from inside of the dryer to the outside.” This will clear up any blockages in the dryer venting system. Although it doesn’t significantly improve your dryer’s efficiency – it does drastically improve its safety. “Dryer lint buildup causes thousands of fires every year….”

If you have a central air and heat system – when Fall and Winter arrive, make sure to clean the outdoor unit – like removing leaves or debris. You should buy a special cover for the outdoor unit and cover it with that – don’t use normal tarps. Normal tarps will probably suffocate it. For the heating unit, make sure to replace the air filter every thirty-ninety days.

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