Seek Washer Appliance Repair When Your Washer Develops a Leak

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April 18, 2016

When you’re in the middle of running your washing machine and find it swimming in a pool of water, you can assume that the machine has a leak. While a washing machine uses a lot of water and can develop leaks in many locations, one of the most common places to find a washing machine leak is in the pump. Fast action is required with this type of leak by replacing the pump, so to prevent the water from leaking onto the washing machine’s motor and causing further issues.

Your washing machine uses a large drain hose that connects the pump to the machine’s tub and the external drain. Over time, the hose becomes brittle, develops holes or splits. Clamps become loose and contribute to the leaks. Calcium and rust deposits can provide you with a good idea of where the leak is originating from.

A washing machine has two tubs. The inner tub is visible when the door or lid of the machine is open. That tub is encased by a larger tub that holds the water when washing the clothes. If the seal on the outer tub breaks, the washer can develop leaks in several areas. The water that’s dripping collects onto the floor and always seems to come from underneath your washing machine.

Another reason a front-loading washing machine can leak is the use of a high suds detergent or just too much detergent. This creates too many suds and it forces the water out in the overflow drain. If you own a front-loading machine, follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding detergent.

If your washing machine is leaking and you have no idea of the source or how to stop it, call the specialists in washer appliance repair. We will provide immediate and professional service to get your machine up and running. Contact us today.

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