Signs Your Refrigerator Needs Help

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October 1, 2013

To ensure that your refrigerator is working properly, it has a number of compartments that work in unison. When all the components work together, your refrigerator will provide perfect cooling throughout. Unfortunately, having all these components also means that when one stops working or becomes damaged, it can affect the entire device. If these problems are not taken care of in a timely manner, it can result in your refrigerator breaking down completely.

In order to help you recognise the problems that your refrigerator may be having, we having given you a few signs that could mean you need it to be repaired.

Compressor Motor Issues

One of the easiest ways to tell that your refrigerator is in trouble is when your compressor motor doesn’t want to turn off. This can be cause by one of two things, either your refrigerators motor is faulty or the thermostat is defective. If it is an error with the thermostat, your compressor motor will be working extra hard to achieve a temperature that just isn’t right for your needs. Unfortunately, if it is the compressor that is giving problems, you may be looking at quite a costly repair. It may still be cheaper to repair than to replace the entire refrigerator, so get in touch with your nearest repair services if you notice these problems.

Poor Sealing system

A common reason why compressor motors bur out too early is because of a poor sealing system. Basically this means that the cooling air you want inside the machine is getting out and the warm are you want to keep out is getting in. Your food will not last as long as it should inside your refrigerator, making it almost unusable. The best way to spot whether it is a sealing problem is to look for condensation on, around or inside the machine. If you are able to see water drops, it could mean that your sealing system is faulty and should be repaired immediately. If left too long, it can increase damages and costs for repair down the line.

Hot Refrigerator

Just like any other machine, a refrigerator creates some heat. If your machine is creating too much heat however, you may have a serious problem. A common reason for this is a lack of cleaning of the condenser on the back or bottom of your refrigerator. Be sure to dust your condenser at least once a month as plenty of dust and fluff can collect. If you fail to do this it can cause more severe problems down the line for your device.

Increased Bills

Besides the more physical problems that come with refrigerators, the older and more used models tend to use more electricity. This is because the components now need to work even harder to keep your device cool. When the owner notices a dramatic increase in bills, it is often a better move to replace the old model for a more efficient one.

What other signs have you experienced?

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