Stack Unit Washer/Dryer Appliance Repair vs. Troubleshooting You Can Do Yourself

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October 16, 2013

A washer and dryer stack unit is perfect for when you don’t have the space for a full-sized unit. Whether you live in an apartment, a townhouse, condominium or a home with a small area for your utility closet, they’re not only space-saving but convenient. However, when there is a problem with either piece you may be wondering when you need a stack unit Washer/Dryer Appliance Repair and when you can troubleshoot it yourself. Here are a few common issues that you can tackle on your own.

  • Wobbly Unit: If your washer/dryer combo seems to be moving on the floor it is most likely uneven and is one of the most easy fixes there is. Either you have overloaded your machine and the inner tube is bouncing, which is fixed by loading correctly or the legs are uneven. In that case, you will find the leveling feet on the bottom. Those are adjusted by either self-leveling (tilt the unit forward a few inches off of the floor and allow it to self-level) or use a wrench to adjust the feet.
  • Leaking Washer: A leaky washer is typically an issue with the hose. There are three hoses to check: the hot and cold water hoses and the drain hose. The two are located near the top of the washer and the drain hose is near the bottom. Check the connections for tightness then inspect the hoses. If they are old and worn there could be a pinhole sized leak and this is an easy fix. Be sure to disable the water before you make any hose changes but this is easy to repair – just replace the hose by removing the clamp and putting in a new hose.
  • Dryer is Taking a Long Time to Dry Clothes: This could be as simple as a full lint trap. Always clean out the lint trap after each load to ensure that not only is your drying running efficiently but that you are more safe from fire hazards.

There are many other do-it-yourself repairs you can do at home on your washer and dryer but if you’re not sure how to fix something or need a helping hand you may need appliance repair.

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