What the Technician May Find When You Call for Washer Appliance Repair

January 23, 2015

When the washing machine stops working right, you’ll most likely want to call an expert in washer appliance repair to fix it. This is the easy part – the harder part is resting easy when you don’t know what the technician is going to find. Will it be expensive? Will it require ordering special parts? These are the types of questions that can ruin sleep and make you wonder if washing in the sink bowl is a better idea! Of course, a couple of attempts at hand-washing a typical load will almost surely put that idea back out of your mind, so here’s a few of the things a technician may find when he comes to get the machine back on the job:

The Belt is Worn Out

If your washing machine makes a smooth noise but the tub doesn’t turn, this is a likely problem. This happens when the belt that would normally connect it to the tub has either broken or become too loose to transfer power.

A Switch No Longer Works

This problem will show itself in a variety of ways depending on which switch is at fault. The machine may refuse to start, fail to empty, or fail to switch between cycles. All of these things can be caused by switches that are no longer sending their signals to the main control mechanism.

Computerized Control Systems Have Failed

This is the modern version of switch failure. Unfortunately, this can be more expensive to fix than the simpler switches of old because all of the functions may be handled by a single control board. Even so, it’s cheaper to fix a machine than it is to buy a new one.

A Hose or Seal Has Worn Out

If you go into your laundry room and find water all over the place, this is usually the problem. As time goes on, both hoses and seals get dry and brittle. Once the critical point has passed, they burst and the water goes everywhere. Despite how horrible the resulting mess looks, these components are usually inexpensive and easy to replace.

No matter what type of misbehavior your washing machine is showing, the first step to getting it fixed is to contact us. We’ll send a technician right out to diagnose the problem, give you a quote, and get your machine working right again.

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