Doing These Things Will Keep Your Microwave Safe and Healthy

January 14, 2015
Cleaning your microwave on a routine basis helps keep it safe and healthy.

Cleaning your microwave on a routine basis helps keep it safe and healthy.

The microwave is probably one of the best inventions in recent decades. With our microwaves we’re able to heat up our food in minutes, with very little effort. Also, microwaves allow convenient frozen meals that we’ve all bought from the grocery here and there. However, if you don’t want to replace your microwave often, you should perform routine care on it.

According to a recent article, you should never ever microwave anything with even a bit of metal. It’s not just the traditional spoon and fork left in the bowl that you need to worry about, they advise you to watch out for “objects with a metal trim or foil trim… [and that] neglecting to do so will result in damaging the [microwave], arcing and the creation of a fire hazard.” Also, you shouldn’t try to warm up flammable liquids like alcohol in the microwave – “the result of such an act would be a fire or explosion.”

A great way to clean your microwave is to mix in a cup or bowl, ½ cup of lemon juice and a cup of water, and microwave it for a minute. Leave it there for a quarter of an hour, and any odors will be eliminated. If you’d like to effortlessly scrub away all of the stuck food particles on the tops, sides, and even the door of the microwave – sprinkle a little bit of flour on these surfaces, then wet a paper towel with vinegar and scrub them. The food particles will effortlessly rub off.

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