Uneven Cooking Can Be a Sign Your Range Needs Appliance Repair

April 23, 2015
 If you've had bad luck in the kitchen lately and things have come out unevenly cooked, it's likely not you but rather your oven that's the problem.

If you’ve had bad luck in the kitchen lately and things have come out unevenly cooked, it’s likely not you but rather your oven that’s the problem.

Have you had some bad luck cooking lately, and several dishes come out burned or cooked unevenly? This more than likely isn’t a sign that you’re a bad cook, but that there is an issue with your range. The range is a heavily used household appliance that is prone to malfunction once it gets more than a few years old. If your oven or burners seem to have heating issues, it is best to call a professional technician to take a look.

Homeowners will find that most ranges have certain areas of the oven, or burners that have temperature fluctuations. Minor differences are normal, it is extreme differences that cause food to burn, or be undercooked. This is true for both gas and electric ranges, which use different types of heating elements. If you suspect your range has these problem areas, you can test it with a cooking thermometer. Simply measure several areas of the cooking surface, and if there are significant differences, then your range may need repair.

Many homeowners simply try to adjust their cooking styles and times, to accommodate these hot or cold spots. They constantly move items around, trying to cook their food evenly, or stirring extensively just so the item doesn’t burn. Range appliance repair can fix this issue, and get your dishes back to their desired look and taste. Most of the uneven cooking problems stem from items that are simple fixes for an appliance repairman. Repairing your range saves you money over replacing your current model, and prevents your appliances from being mismatched.   You and your family will also have much more enjoyment around the dinner table, not having to suffer through unevenly cooked food.

If you would like more information on repairing your malfunctioning range, please contact us.

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