Why Does My Washing Machine Have Low Water Pressure?

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September 16, 2014

Low water pressure can make it difficult to wash clothes. The washing machine may take 20-30 minutes just to fill up with water, and then it must complete the actual spin cycle. So, what causes low water pressure in washing machines?

Running Water Elsewhere In The House

If someone else is using the water in your home while you are attempting to wash clothes, it may result in low water pressure. Check to make sure there are no faucets, shower heads, or even outdoor faucets running. The more faucets that are running simultaneously, the lower your water pressure will be.

To rule out this cause, run a load of clothes in your washing machine while no other faucets are running. Hopefully, this will solve the problem and allow you to wash clothes with full water pressure.

Clogged Valve Screen

Another common cause of low water pressure in washing machines is a clogged valve screen. Water lines (both hot and cold) have screens that are designed to catch debris so it doesn’t travel into the washing machine. It’s not uncommon for these screens to develop a layer of thick mildew/residue over time, restricting the normal flow of water. The good news is that you can quickly fix this problem without hiring a professional plumber.

First, turn off the hot and cold water valves connected to your washing machine (you don’t want to flood your laundry room). Go ahead and disconnect the two water lines and look inside for a screen. The screens are usually located at the end closest to the actual valve, but they are sometimes on the other end of the line – near the washing machine. Once you’ve found the screens, remove them and take them to your local home improvement store to purchase replacements.

Clogged Water Line

A third possible reason why a washing machine may experience low water pressure is that the actual water line is clogged. While clogged screens are far more common, it’s not unheard of for the water line to clog with mineral deposits and debris.

If you only notice low water pressure when using the hot water setting, then you probably have a clogged hot water line (or vise-versa for cold water). The easiest solution to this problem is to replace the clogged line with a new one. Water lines can be purchased either online or at most major home improvement stores.

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