My Whirlpool Cabrio Washer is Screaming at Me Every Time It Spins!

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January 10, 2018
Washer Repair

Are you dreading wash day? Are you afraid the neighbors are going to file a noise complaint against you every time you wash? Do you have a hard time finding your pets until long after the laundry is folded? In the case of a cat that might be helpful…

You’re probably thinking, it’s time for a new washer. You may be right, but that Cabrio can be salvaged and back to the workhorse it once was for less than half the cost of a comparable direct drive machine. And that’s with the appliance repair professionals at Fred’s Appliance Service.

What’s happened with your washer is the drive shaft seal has failed and every wash load drips a little water onto the upper spin bearing. That screaming, jet plane engine noise is the high-velocity turnings of your rusty bearings. You may have noticed longer dry times. The spin is slowing slightly as the resistance from the bearings fights against the motor impeding top spin speed.

Originally this problem was only repairable by replacing the outer tub assembly. Now Whirlpool Corporation has made available a bearing, seal, and shaft kit to address this problem. The repair does require some specialized tools that your appliance repair professional will have to use, and place this repair out of the average DIY guy’s range. No worries, Fred’s Appliance Service will have your machine back to its old self in two to four hours.

You’ll be back to watching TV at acceptable volumes and doing the wash at the same time. Call Fred’s Appliance Service.

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