7 Fun Things to Do During The Winter Season in Cleveland, Ohio

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December 10, 2018

During the colder months, one of the best ways to combat the winter blues is by having a lively social calendar. If you are a resident of Cleveland, Ohio who is looking for some fun activities around the community whether it be with friends, family, a romantic partner, or even by yourself, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will go over just a few of the great things Cleveland has to offer and that you can take advantage of this winter. 

  1. Jazz it Up at The Local Clubs And Speakeasies: During the dead of winter when the weather is blustery and the stop won’t stop falling, all anyone wants to do is cozy up with a romantic partner, family member, or group of friends for something festive and warm. And what better way to do that than by visiting Cleveland’s hottest jazz scenes? Instead of trying to brave the weather for some kind of outdoor winter activity, plan a night to visit a jazz club (or several) around Cleveland. If you want to be transported to the roaring 20’s, you will want to check out the Velvet Tango Room for some live jazz and tasty cocktails. Another favorite is the suitably titled Speakeasy that serves up some classic prohibition era cocktails and riveting jazz tunes. And if you need a third venue for your evening of “jazz crawling”, you can finish the night up at the popular Society Lounge. 
  2. Take The Family Ice Skating at The Rink in Public Square: Pencil in an ice skating trip for one Saturday afternoon on your calendar and rally the whole family together for this classic winter activity. Not only will you get in a good work out and have loads of laughs with your family, you can enjoy the stunning scenery and atmosphere of the historic Public Square. For just $10 (which includes your skate rental), you have access to the rink all day and if you are bringing your own skates, it’s only $7 per person. Keep in mind, you will want to plan your trip before end of February when the rink officially closes.
  3. Spend The Holidays at The A Christmas Story House: Whether you are a permanent resident of Cleveland who is looking for something novel to do or you are visiting the city, a trip to the iconic house from the even more iconic holiday flick A Christmas Story is an absolute must. Although the house is open all year long for tours, it is even more fun to visit it during the holiday season. It’s a completely interactive experience that allows you to explore the rooms of the house and get to know the history of this 100 year old Cleveland structure. 
  4. Get Your Pierogi Fix Throughout The Neighborhood of Tremont: What better to conquer the brutal cold of winter than by indulging in some savory comfort food. And in Cleveland, one of the best, go-to comfort foods is the pierogi. If you want the best pierogis in town, you have to head to the neighborhood Tremont. If you are on the prowl for pierogis during the day, you need to head to Seven Roses Deli for some truly authentic Polish cuisine. If you are out and about in Cleveland during the evening, find some mouth-watering pierogis at Prosperity Social Club. And if you want to turn the evening into a proper pierogi crawl, make a second pierogi stop at the famous Sokolowski’s University Inn for some equally delicious pierogis.  
  5. Catch a Theater Performance During The Holiday Season: Sure, the theater is a place that you could frequent any time of the year, but it is even more magical during the holiday season. Whether you are just looking for a way to overcome a particularly dreary day or you are looking for something to add to your holiday festivities bucket list, a good, old-fashioned night (or day) at the theater is an experience everyone should have. Venture on over to Playhouse Square to immerse yourself in the theater season of Cleveland. You will find performances occurring all year long at the various theaters, but you will definitely want to check their winter schedule to see what special holiday performances the theaters have going on. If you are looking for performances that aren’t geared specifically for families and may be more suitable for a date night or lively evening with a group of friends, check out both the Dobama Theatre in Cleveland Heights as well as the Cleveland Public Theatre in Gordon Square. 
  6. Warm Up At The West Side Market: The best strategy for beating the cold during the long winter months is to stay indoors. But if you are going to be spending most of the winter season indoors, all of that time inside should be well worth it. At the West Side Market, it certainly is. Take an afternoon off to browse through the many aisles of spices, cheeses, and meats and bask in the inviting and aromatic atmosphere of the West Side Market. You will find an awe-inspiring array of exotic meats from various countries around the world as well as plenty of delectable cheeses for your next dinner party. 
  7. Feast On Savory Pastas in Little Italy: Little Italy goes strong all year round in Cleveland, but it is particularly inviting during the blustery, cold winter months. Instead of making dinner, why not plan a trip to Little Italy for some out-of-this-world Italian food and novel, cultural experiences. This Cleveland neighborhood is jam-packed with pizzerias, cafes, and bakeries. After a filling dinner comprised of authentic Italian pasta and pizza, you can head to the bakery for some word-class cannolis and a comforting cup of cappuccino. And don’t forget to splurge on a glass (or bottle) of Italian wine!

Are you looking for other fun things you can do during the winter season? Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn all about what is going on in your own backyard! We look forward to hearing from you!

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