Difference between Roasting and Baking

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June 26, 2016

The words, roasting and baking are often used interchangeably in the kitchen. However, there actually is a difference between the two techniques. While both methods use dry heat cooking, the terms roasting and baking ultimately refer to two different types of food. You roast foods that begin with a solid structure and you bake foods that have little to no structure in the early stages. Simply put, you roast vegetables and meats, and you bake cakes and breads.

Although the consistency of the food is different, roasting and baking also have quite a few things in common. For one, the temperature of your Samsung oven is usually set to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, if not higher. Secondly, both techniques often require you to leave your food uncovered while it cooks in your oven. The last similarity is all about the taste. Both roasting and baking focus on browning the exterior of your food which creates a deliciously crispy outer layer and delightfully tasty interior.

Stepping away from the norm and surprising your friends with a vegetarian dish is a great way to celebrate the summer. Unfortunately, a malfunctioning oven can put a serious hitch in your plans. If you are dealing with a Samsung Range that won’t keep a consistent temperature or one that refuses to heat up at all don’t panic. Instead, please contact us today so we can help you get your party back on track. After scheduling an appointment with us, we will send one of our reliable and experienced appliance repair technicians to your home to diagnose and repair your oven.

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