Maintenance Helps Prevent Washer Appliance Repair Calls

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February 20, 2013
General Appliance Repair

Maintaining your appliances can increase their life span and save you the cost and inconvenience of calling a repair service. Here are some easy ways to keep your washing machine in good working order:

Don’t overfill it. Cramming too much laundry in one wash load strains the motors and belts that agitate the drum, especially during the spin cycle. If the load is also unbalanced, it can cause the machine to bang against surrounding objects or “walk.” With front-loading machines in particular, overfilling can cause leaks. Besides everything else, the machine cannot properly clean clothes that are packed in too tightly. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions for loading the machine, and leave room for it to do its job.

Use a mesh bag for small items. Baby socks, long thin fabric belts or scarves, and nylon hose should be collected in a bag for washing. In a full load, small loose items may be washed over the top of the drum into the drain hose, and long items can get wrapped around the agitator. A bag protects the clothes as well as the machine parts.

Check the fill and drain hoses periodically. Over time, hoses will crack or blister, especially if you wash many loads in hot water. Drain hoses can become clogged with lint or those socks that went missing over the years. Hoses should be replaced at least once every five years. (You may quickly find the parts you need here.)

Clean the lint trap often. If you didn’t even know that your machine had a lint filter, you may have to go hunting for it. It is often located along the top of the washer drum, inside the agitator, or at the end of the drain hose. Cleaning the filter will safeguard against leaks and get your clothes to come out cleaner, too.

If all else fails—and sometimes it does—check the Appliance Repair Help, Troubleshooting & Tipssection at Fred’s Appliance. And if you’re anywhere in Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula, Portage, and Cuyahoga counties or Cleveland, Ohio, contact us for a prompt, courteous service call.

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