Find Parts for Your DIY Appliance Repair Project

February 3, 2015
Make sure to use the part number, manufacturer, and serial number to identify the part you need.

Make sure to use the part number, manufacturer, and serial number to identify the part you need.

If you know how to fix a broken appliance, you’ll usually want to do the work yourself to avoid having to pay for labor. Then, the only question is how to get the appliance repair parts needed to get the job done. Fortunately, finding outlets that sell these parts isn’t the near-impossibility it once was. Our appliance repair center is one such outlet, and we can get the parts for pretty much any machine as long as those parts are still in production.

The thing that causes some do-it-yourselfers trouble is finding a way to let the parts outlet know just which parts they need. Most appliances have parts that go by the same names, but the configuration of these parts varies widely between machines. Therefore, you can’t just say you need “an element” for an electric oven. Instead, you need to be far more specific. Here are some of the ways you can narrow down your request so that you can get the exact part you need:

1. Use the part number. This is the “gold standard” for specifying parts, and all other methods are simply other ways to get this number. If you already know the number, you have smooth sailing ahead. Just tell us that number along with the name of the appliance’s manufacturer, and if we have it in stock, it’ll be in your hand within minutes.

2. Tell us the machine’s manufacturer and serial number. With this information, we can look up the part number from a master book.

3. Tell us the make and model of the machine and the year it was built. This isn’t quite as accurate as the other two methods because some manufacturers release multiple versions of a machine under the same name during the same year. However, it will usually allow us to get close enough to pinpoint the exact appliance either from further descriptions of the machine or by having you bring in the old part so we can match it up with the new ones we have in stock for machines of that type.

With these methods available, the only way you won’t be able to get the part is if no one makes it anymore. Fortunately, that is very rare for appliances that aren’t decades old, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it. Just give us a call or stop in, and we’ll get you the part you need so you can complete your project.


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