3 Ways To Dry Your Laundry Without a Clothes Dryer



A clothes dryer is something that many people take for granted. It’s only when it stops working that you realize just how useful it really is. Without a functional clothes dryer, you’ll have full loads of wet laundry and no viable way to dry them. And allowing wet laundry to sit in your washing machine can lead to potentially harmful buildups of mold and mildew. So, how can you dry your laundry without a working clothes dryer?

Shower Rod

One idea is to hang your laundry to dry from a shower rod. A typical shower rod offers an excellent area to hang wet laundry out to dry. It’s secure, stable, and best of all, the surrounding area is designed specifically for water; therefore, you don’t have to worry about dripping water damaging the floor.

Place a clothes hanger on each piece of wet laundry and hang them on the shower rod. This isn’t a face process by any means, but it will effectively dry your clothes without the use of a traditional clothes dryer. Try hanging your laundry on the shower rod before you go to bed, and when you wake up, they should be dry.

Portable Drying Rack

Another solution is to use a portable drying rack (see image above). Most home improvement stores sell them for about $20-$30 bucks a piece, making this an inexpensive way to dry your laundry in the event that your clothes dryer stops working.

Portable drying racks typically hold about 8 garments (more for smaller garments and less for larger ones). To speed up the drying process, place the rack in front of a fan or vent. The blowing air will cause the water to evaporate more rapidly, reducing the overall drying time required for your garments. Just remember to lay some towels underneath the drying rack to absorb any dripping water.

Line Drying

A third option is to line dry your wet laundry. Using nothing more than a piece of rope and clothes hangers, you can set up a line drying system on your patio or back yard. The combination of sun and fresh air offers a natural and effective alternative to clothes dryers. The only downside to line drying is the potential for rain and bad weather, which could soak your laundry with even more water.

These should only serve as temporary solutions to drying your wet laundry. If your clothes dryer is broken, contact Freds Appliance to find an honest and reliable appliance repair technician in your area.

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