4 Appliance Repair Tips to Help You Understand Why Your Trash Compactor is Malfunctioning

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October 7, 2013

A trash compactor is a beneficial appliance to have in your home. Not only does it have the ability to combine a weeks worth of garbage into one bag, but compactors also have a filter and deodorizing spray that keeps the smell of decomposing food out of your home. While this convenient appliance is easy to operate, there are still times it may need repair. Listed below are a few common appliance malfunctions that can stop your compactor from performing properly.

The compactor won’t turn on

If you go to turn your compactor on and there is no response, first make sure you have completely closed the appliances door. Once you’ve confirmed the door is closed, your next step is to check the power source. Carefully examine your appliances plug to ensure it is securely plugged into the wall. If you discover the plug is not the problem, you should check your homes breaker box. After finding out the power running to your compactor is functioning correctly, your best bet is to contact an appliance repair company.

The trash compactor won’t turn off

Dealing with a compactor that won’t turn off can be extremely concerning, but luckily there is a quick fix that may ease your worries. Before you attempt any kind of repair, unplug the appliance from the wall. When you are sure there is no power running to the compactor, check the chain that connects the key switch to the motor. If the chain is loose, place it back around the gears. After the chain is properly attached, plug the appliance back in and turn it on. Stay by the compactor for a few minutes to ensure it turns off by itself.

Bottles and cans are not getting compressed

Bottles and cans can be tricky for a compactor to smash if they are lined up together or standing upright. Before picking up the phone and calling a repairman, take the bottles and cans out and rearrange. When you’re done, close the compactor’s door and turn it on. Once your appliance stops running, check to see if you solved the problem with the adjustments you’ve made.

The trash compactor’s door is stuck

When you find you can not open the door to your compactor, the most likely reason is the ram, which packs the garbage, has not fully risen. Malfunctions that can cause this problem are worn rollers or a defective drawer track. You may need to contact a repair company to discover and repair this issue.

Trash compactors supply their owners with many advantageous, but like any appliance they can break down. If your compactor is no longer working properly, please contact us, and we’ll send one of are trusted technicians to inspect and fix the problem.

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